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Ranking ALL My Palettes of 2019!

It should come as no surprise that I love eyeshadow palettes and it's clearly the most bought product in my makeup collection! I just love palettes - eyeshadow is by far my favourite makeup product and I love the variety and everything about it! 

Ranking ALL My Palettes of 2019!
The Catrice palette was received in PR - this post contains affiliate links

So, since I picked up 22 new palettes in 2019 (purchased by myself, received in subscription boxes, or PR) I thought I would rate them all and see how much I like and use them all! 

It was actually really hard to go through and get an exact ranking, but I've tried to as best as I can, only leaving a couple out because they are too new! 

Ranking ALL My Palettes of 2019!

1) Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Palette ~ $34.00 CAN. A limited-edition eyeshadow palette with eight exclusive matte and metallic shades.

This is stunning neutral palette with a solid mix of shimmer and mattes - it's 8 pans and comes with a nice little mustard and rust palette. The shadow quality is really nice and I love the all the looks I get with this - you can see it swatched and on me here

2) Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette ~ $58.00 CAN. An essential Naked palette, featuring 12 all-new eyeshadow shades that redefine neutral with Urban Decay’s signature formula.

I did a big declutter of past neutral palettes earlier this year, so they were clearly high on my re-stock list! I was very excited about the new Naked Reloaded palette - this was either a hit or miss palette, but it was a big hit for me! It is 12 shadows (with only one being a miss) and it was just easy to use and I always reach for it. You can see my full post on this one here

3) Natasha Denona Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette ~ $33.00 CAN. A mini palette of Natasha Denona’s signature pressed pigment eyeshadows in sophisticated neutral shades.

Oh look, how basic am I?! My top 3 palettes of the year were the most neutral palettes I bought! (Also, there should be no surprise with these 3 because they all made my Best of 2019 Makeup Discoveries). They are certainly the most used and all 3 of these palettes have really amazing formulas. I love the Natasha Denona mini palettes and thought this one was just easy and quick to use! You can see it swatched and tried on me here

Ranking ALL My Palettes of 2019!

4) Viseart Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette ~ $72.00 CAN. Viseart's proprietary creamy, long-lasting eye shadow formula is featured in an essential nine-pan palette with a full-size vanity mirror. Inspired by the unique twighlight colors and hues of Paris during the "Golden Hour," each easy-to-blend shade can be combined to create infinite looks. 

I have a few mini Viseart palettes already, but this one came in my Beautylish Lucky bag and it's gorgeous! The shadows are lovely - creamy and buttery shimmers, with easy to blend mattes! I love this formula and you can see the palette on me here

5) Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subversive La Vie En Rose Eyeshadow Palette ~ $86.00 CAN. A luxurious palette with an obsessively opulent melee of vivid violets, risqué plums, and the euphoric glow of incendiary golds.

I haven't talked about this palette much because I picked it up in the Summer and it actually took me a few months to try it! This is a brighter palette, but the shadows actually blended out nicely to more wearable colours and it's got a couple amazing shimmers - an apricot and lilac and they are soooo lovely! You can see the palette swatched here and you can see it on me here

6) Wet n Wild 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette - Coffin Break ~ $7.49 CAN. You'll be the ghostess with the mostess this Halloween with our standout 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette specially curated with a macabre mix of sultry evening bolds, and daytime neutral hues designed to be worn alone, or combined for one-of-a kind mystical, magical looks. 

Okay, this and the Suva beauty palette were pretty close, but this one edged it out just a touch because it has a couple more shades for a more cohesive overall look (this one has 10 shadows). I'm really impressed with this formula and the mattes are lovely and it's a good little neutral palette. You can see it swatched on me here

7) Suva Beauty Saffron Palette ~ $47.00 CAN ($35.00 US). A warm tone 9 shade eyeshadow palette with luxurious formulas reminiscent of the world's most desirable spices. 

This palette is a gorgeous - it's the reason I originally subscribed to Tribe Beauty Box. I have talked about this a fair bit, because I love the Suva is Canadian and the shadows are lovely. It is
 a spice inspired blend of shadows with a mix of mattes, satins, shimmers and a glitter. You can see the palette on me here

Ranking ALL My Palettes of 2019!

8) Viseart Petite Pro 5 Soleil Palette ~ $40.00 CAN. An eyeshadow palette with an artist’s dream combination of matte and shimmer shades.

This palette is so gorgeous - it's full of purples, corals and yellows. The formula is really nice and the shimmers are stunning. I love the looks I get when I use this, but I tend to only reach for it in the warm months so I just need to use it more because I love every look I get when I do. You can see it swatched and a look here

9) ColourPop Orange You Glad? Shadow Palette ~ $12.00 US. Introducing our NEW zesty orange palette.

I'm a sucker for orange shadows, so of all the ColourPop monochromatic 9 pan palettes, this one called to me the most. The mattes are actually brighter orange than I thought and the shimmers are really pretty. I could do without the pressed glitters myself, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. The shadow quality is good, and it the most versatile in terms of colour range out of the red, orange and yellow ones! You can see swatches and a look with it here

10) ColourPop Disney Designer Midnight Masquerade Shadow Palette ~ $22.00 US. It’s a ball! Our newest collaboration with Disney features a 15 pan shadow palette featuring party ready shades inspired by your favorite Disney princesses! Includes buttery mattes, lux metallics, and sparkling Pressed Glitters!

I'm a total sucker for the Disney collabs that are going on, so I loved the previous Disney Designer and ColourPop palette. This one is really pretty and the shadows are lovely - the shimmers are really good in this palette and the mattes are very blendable. I find this palette a touch on the deeper side for me, so it's not the easier for day looks, but anything a little glam and this is great for! You can see a full review on this palette here

11) ColourPop Uh-Huh Honey Shadow Palette ~ $12.00 US. A sunshine-y mix of matte, metallic and pressed glitter shadows.

This is a really pretty monochromatic palette too - I like the yellows and the shadows are good quality (again, I don't love the addition of the pressed glitters, but it works). The reason this one ranks a little lower is that it lacks a little depth and full variation, so it isn't really a stand alone palette (it can be, but doesn't offer a ton of variety). You can see the shadows swatched and a look with this palette here

12) Storybook Cosmetics Book Club Subscription Volume 2 - Sherlock Holmes ~ $24.99 US + $8.50 shipping to Canada. Each month you will receive a full size lipstick and 3 full size eyeshadows in a limited, collector’s edition mini Storybook Palette with a custom matching bookmark.

This is a pretty little mini palette that is 3 eyeshadows and a lipstick - it comes with a teal, coral and champagne shade and they all look amazing together and could easily work well with other palettes. I did think these shadows were better quality than the Volume 1 and they were really nice to apply. No problems, just only 3 shades so I don't reach for it often. But, you can see a full look with the palette here

Ranking ALL My Palettes of 2019!

13) Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Eyeshadow Palette ~ $86.00 CAN. An indulgent palette of golden taupes, rich, powerful bronzes, and velvet-soaked plums, that leaves lids iced in a cool riot of glamour fatale.

I picked up this and the other Pat McGrath palette when they were on sale for $35 in the Spring and this one is only ranked low on my list because of the shades - it's a really cool toned bronze palette that I would call more griege or taupey than bronze. It's also 5 shimmers and metallics and only one deep matte, so it just isn't a palette that I reach for very often. You can see swatches of the palette here

14) ColourPop Villains Misunderstood. Shadow Palette ~ $22.00 US. In collaboration with Disney and their infamous villains, we’re bringing you the palette to rule them all, Misunderstood. This mixed finish 15 pan eyeshadow palette combines intense mattes, colour shifting duochromes, and rich metallics.

This is a stunning palette - seriously the shadows are lovely and they are mainly bold or deeper shimmers. So, I haven't reviewed this yet and I've had it for quite a while and I think it's because I it's not really amazing at a full look even thought it's 15 shadows (I did get one look and you can see it here), and it's pretty but it's really hard to reach for a full shimmer palette! 

15) ColourPop Main Squeeze Shadow Palette ~ $12.00 US. Our most requested palette ever with a fresh mix of ALL red shadows.

Alright, this is the last palette I'm ranking of the year, so it's hard to say this is the worst (because it's not a bad palette), but I've also decluttered 3 palettes and I will share those as well. The shadow quality is really nice; but, there isn't a ton of variation within shades - these are all pretty mid-toned reddish shades so you can't get much variety within the palette alone (with the exception of one or two shimmers). You can see swatches and a look with it here 

So, those were the palettes that I was comfortable ranking - I got another 4 palettes in the end of November and December that I haven't used enough to put in the ranking! 

Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Palette ~ $35.00 US. Celestial Thunder is an explosion of vivid pigments, shadows, and glittery foils with 8 uniquely formulated shades for a creative colorful eye look or a simple pop of electric color. These vibrantly made shades tell a cosmic story and bring the universe to life.

I received this in the November Boxycharm - you can see swatches and a look with this palette here. So this is a good palette and I do like the formula; but, I do think this is a deeper palette. This feels not very cohesive and I just haven't quite found a way to make all the shadows work together or just accept that this might not be a stand alone palette for me. 

Storybook Cosmetics Little Briar Rose Palette ~ $35.00 US. Inspired by the classic fairy tale Little Briar Rose, Feauturing a custom hardcover storybook with a dozen pigmented matte, metallic and glitter eyeshadows. The cruelty-free, long wear, buttery smooth shadow formula can be used wet or dry. Mix and match to concoct your favorite Fairy Tale look.

This is a such a pretty palette - I love anything Princess Aurora related and I'm a fan of the Storybook Cosmetics formula. So, this palette was made for Boxycharm and I found someone on facebook to buy it off of and so far, I really like the shadows. I have a little more to use of this one, but so far I'm really liking it! (I plan on reviewing it soon!)

Catrice x Eman Eyeshadow Palette ~ $14.99 CAN. EMAN teams up with CATRICE to create a bronzed AF eyeshadow palette with 9 longlasting, highly pigmented neutral shades to fit all skin tones. The rich powder formula blends easily and doesn't crease. Create natural to dramatic looks with matte to pearl finishes.

This is the one eyeshadow palette that I received in PR at the end of the year and I was super excited to try out the palette. It's really good quality shadows, and I've come up with a really pretty eye look, so I'm excited to use this a few more times to come up with my full thoughts (I have a big Catrice review coming really soon!) 

Glamlite Miracle Eyeshadow Palette ~ $28.00 US. The Miracle palette is a tribute to all of the brave women in the world who have been affected by breast cancer.

This one should probably be a toss, but I'm still waiting to see if it's getting replaced - I received it in the December Tribe Beauty Box and it arrived broken. I used it a little bit in the look I did and I thought the formula was okay, but I also want to give it a proper go if I get a replacement. 

And, with palettes that are ranked come some palettes that need to go - there were 3 palettes that I got in 2019 that I decluttered from my collection: 

Violet Voss Essentials Eye Shadow Palette ~ $29.00 US. Beautiful all in one palette.

So, this came in a past Boxycharm and I picked it up in a makeup group because I was really excited to try the Violet Voss formula. You can see this one swatched here, and I used it for a week and it was fine. I didn't think the formula was anything extraordinary and the colours were all repeats in my collection. 

Wet n Wild Crystal Cavern Mega Glo Eyeshadow Trio in Rose Quartz ~ $4.99 US. Its’ been said that good things come in threes and our Crystal Cavern™ Mega Glo™ Eyeshadow Trios are no exception! Artfully presented in portable pyramid palettes, each of these collectible eyeshadow trios features three highly pigmented crystal-inspired shades formulated to create a silky, smooth and duo-chrome texture that lasts all day!

This is a pretty little trio - it's a set of shimmers and a metallic and the formulas were really nice. The shades were pretty; but, I felt like they were repeats in my collection so it just felt a little unnecessary to keep this. 

Beauty Bakerie Proof is in the Pudding Eyeshadow Palette ~ $38.00 US. This palette has subtle shades perfect for day wear and deeper shadows to transition to night. Our palettes are hard pressed so there’s minimal fall out, which means our products stay on your skin not your brush, Sweets! This palette is paraben-free and vegan.

I really want to try Beauty Bakerie and I even picked this as an item for my Winter FabFitFun, but when I received it, it was just too light overall to create full looks and I wanted to pass it on to someone would use it more than me! 

Ranking ALL My Palettes of 2019!

What was your favourite palette that you got in 2019?! 

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