Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Beauty Consumer Tag

I don't normally do tag style posts on here, but I really enjoy reading and watching them, so if you enjoy them here, maybe I will do some more on here! 

Some products in this picture may have been received as PR - anything more specific was purchased by me

I've been watching a lot of The Beauty Consumer Tag videos and thought the questions were really good! I've been trying to be more thoughtful about my purchases and actually focus on using products in my collection so they don't go bad, so these questions all seemed pretty relevant to where I'm at right now! 

This tag was created Nineties LoveChild on youtube (who I haven't watched before), so I found this after a few people I watch did the tag - Jen Luvs Reviews, Abby Williamson, Angeschka, and Chelle

1. How much do you spend on makeup a month? A year?

This was pretty easy to calculate for 2019 since I actually tracked all of my beauty spending on my Monthly Haul posts because I was trying to be reasonable or thoughtful about my spending. 

After adding up all my spending I spent $3300.76 on beauty products for 2019, which averages out to $275.06 per month - I clearly blew my $100 budget a month out of the water. 

2. Do you ever feel guilty about how much you spend on makeup?

Sometimes, I think seeing how much total I spent and I probably could have used that for other things - I mean I'm always going to spend money on makeup, but I can say I spent hundreds on masks when I've got 100 in my collection waiting to be used. I really liked doing my Collection & Inventory because it certainly helped me see where I don't need to spend money. 

But overall, beauty and makeup and skincare is a hobby and I'm okay investing in these products as long as I'm actually using them and they aren't just wasted. 

3. Do you get 'FOMO' related to makeup releases?

Yes, while I like to think that I can be rational and thoughtful about some purchases - I can tend to pounce quickly so I don't miss out. I have been known to set alarms for certain releases (not too many - but a few). I am trying to get better about thinking through what I would actually use and not use. 

4. Do you purchase or keep items simply because they are limited edition?

I can tend to jump a little bit on a product when I hear they are limited edition - for example, the Game of Thrones Urban Decay collection I knew I needed because I love GoT (and it was truly limited edition and likely won't come back), so I pounced on getting it. But, I also only picked up the palette and one lipstick instead of the whole collection. Where I heard the original ColourPop Disney Designer collection was limited edition so I seriously pulled my car over at launch time and bought the whole the whole collection immediately (and the whole collection is still in stock). This is the difference between my 2018 and 2019 spending, so I'm improving. But, yes I can tend to buy in to the whole limited edition trend a little bit. 

And yes, I do keep some limited edition products - like all the ColourPop birthday shadows and I likely won't get rid of most GoT or Disney products, but if the product has gone bad I may try and keep the packaging for display or something. 

5. Would you be willing to pay more money for a sold out product online?

Hmmm... this really depends I will probably go with no, but I certainly have tracked things down in makeup groups or ebay before if I couldn't get it - but, not typically to spend more on. If it's a holy grail product than maybe, but for the most part, I wouldn't want to spend much more than I have to or retail price. 

6. Do you wish you could spend more? Or less?

I'm certainly planning on spending less this year - I would like around $100, although, the way I spend this seems totally unreasonable since I averaged $275 per month last year. And again, I want to enjoy the makeup that I have and not purchase products that wont get used! 

7. Do you feel compelled to buy something when you see it in someone else's collection?

No, I mean I've certainly watched or read peoples reviews on a product and it may have swayed me to try it, but not simply by seeing it do I feel like I have to have it. 

8. Do you buy more during the holidays?

No, I tend to buy less - holidays usually include huge value sets and I'm not looking for a set of 3 palettes from a brand with 100 eyeshadows - I do perk up at some of the mini releases - for example, the mini Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and mini Too Faced palettes that were great holiday releases. I also find the quality isn't as goods in the massive sets so I tend to avoid just holiday releases. 

9. Have you ever hidden a makeup purchase from family or friends?

Why yes I have snuck a few subscription boxes or Sephora purchases up the stairs past my husband. But not really, my husband has full access to this blog and can see all of my purchases. I don't really hide anything. 

10. Do you have more than ten products in your collection that you have not used in over a month?

Yes, I think I counted 423 items in my inventory so I have a lot more than 10 things that haven't been used in over a month - I wouldn't even attempt to guess the actual number! 

11. Have you ever been pressured to purchase something you could not afford or did not need?

Not pressured - I have certainly bought things I didn't need, but that's all me not being rational, by no means ever pressured. 

12. Do you purchase makeup for collector reasons?

Yes, but not really often - for example, for some reason I like having all the little ColourPop birthday supershock shadows, so I will save up a purchase until May so I can the free birthday shadow add on. As long as I'm using it, it's not really for collectors - like I would never buy something I wouldn't use just to put on a shelf. 

13. In your makeup journey have you become less or more consumeristic?

I have certainly become more consumeristic over my makeup journey and would like to slow it down a little bit and find a balance of consuming but still using up products! 

And, if you are interested in answering these questions - I tag you, have at 'er!

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