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December 2019 Tribe Beauty Box x Angeschka - Unboxing and Review

I'm always on alert for beauty boxes and what they are sneak-peeking. I've previously subscribed to Tribe Beauty Box earlier this year, so when I saw that they were teaming up with Angelica Nyqvist (Angeschka) I was pretty excited! 

December 2019 Tribe Beauty Box x Angeschka - Unboxing and Review
I purchased this subscription - this post contains referral links

Tribe Beauty Box is all about indie brands and woman owned companies. They describe the box as "discover the wonderful and untapped world of indie brands through our customizable subscription box. This box gives you a chance to receive a mix of trendy and indie products that have been expertly curated. Every Tribe Beauty Box contains at least 3 items from female owned brands." And, Angeschka is a Swedish youtuber who really focuses on indie brands too! Tribe also is a Canadian subscription, so they often feature Canadian brand as well! 

December 2019 Tribe Beauty Box x Angeschka - Unboxing and Review

Tribe Beauty Box is a bi-monthly subscription, so it ships every 2 months and is $34.99 US + $6.99 shipping to Canada (it is available internationally, with prices varying per country). You can use my referral link here, and you can save 20% off a subscription! 

Here is a closer look at the products in this month's box:

December 2019 Tribe Beauty Box x Angeschka - Unboxing and Review

Clinodah Cosmetics Stained Glass Brushes ~ $31.00 CAN. The "Stained Glass Collection" was inspired by the beautiful art of stained glass and the vibrant tones used to create these masterpieces. Features: synthetic hair, a laser-engraved and aluminum ferrule and rainbow plastic handles.

This set came with 5 individual brushes from the Stained Glass collection - I think they are the Buffing Powder brush, the Angled Brow brush, the Blending brush, the Buffing Powder brush, the Small shader brush, and the Packing brush. (Those are my best guesses based on pictures - I haven't seen anywhere in the description actually listing the brushes). I was excited to see Clinodah cosmetics in here - they are on my brand-to-try wish list and these are pretty brushes. They are also a Canadian company. And, so far, so good with the brushes. 

Sistine Herbal Collagen x Retinol Cherub Eye Mask ~ $19.90 CAN for 2 packs of eye masks. Keeping it soothed, moisturized and saturated with the finest natural CHERUB EYE MASK.  Key herbal agents— RETINOL and COLLAGEN, along with a natural blend of ingredients, rids the eyes of fatigue, dark circles, crow’s feet, and wrinkles. Hydration is achieved, and puffy eyes are eradicated!

This is another Canadian company and I hadn't heard of them before this box! This brand was founded on the idea of creating an "all-natural, all-inclusive skin lobby to combat harsh effects of all environments on the skin - securing your youth with anti-aging elements, and promoting self-care". I always love eye masks, so these are a great product for me in a subscription box! 

December 2019 Tribe Beauty Box x Angeschka - Unboxing and Review

Here is a look at the Sistine Cherub eye masks on - I think it's adorable that these eye masks are actual little cherubs that fit perfectly under the eye. They are really cooling and felt very refreshing under the eye. They adhered really well and wore for about 45 minutes and were very refreshing under the eye! 

December 2019 Tribe Beauty Box x Angeschka - Unboxing and Review

Glamlite Miracle Eyeshadow Palette ~ $28.00 US. The Miracle palette is a tribute to all of the brave women in the world who have been affected by breast cancer. 

I know Angeschka likes Glamlite shadows, so this was a good brand to include in the box and the shades are good. They did say that this was a palette from 2018 (and typically you look for newer products in subscriptions), but I do think the pink shades fit the box and the collab. Unfortunately this palette arrived broken and I did contact the brand - they didn't have any replacements in stock, so they are either going to send a replacement in a few weeks or issue a partial refund. But, I did clear the mess and try to use the shadows. 

I was pretty hopeful with these shadows, but the mattes were just okay and I found them a little strong pigmented so I thought they were a little hard to blend. The shimmers were pretty but, they were a pretty chunky formula and a little on the drier side. 

VenusGale Beaute Cosmetics - Vixen Potion Multichrome Flakes ~ $17.00 US. Intense pigment for an edgy chrome effect. Multichrome pigments are 35x more expensive than regular eyeshadow formulas. They are truly amazing.

These are the products that I was the most excited for in the box - I even made sure that I bought a glitter glue to use these right away! And they were really pretty and I used them all over the lid. This wasn't the best spot as the shape of the flakes was very uneven for coverage - I certainly need to find a new way to use them. Then I played with them too much on the lid and the colour got a little murky. So, this is a neat product - I just need to play with it a little bit more! 

December 2019 Tribe Beauty Box x Angeschka - Unboxing and Review

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Mystic Moon ~ $19.00 US. A pale grey with mauve tones, we created this lipstick to mimic the beauty and wonder of the moon. Wear it whenever you want to channel the forces of nature or make it your everyday color.

This was a product that you either got this lipstick or a brownish liquid lipstick from the same brand. This was a good choice for the box as Angeschka often features Gerard cosmetics. This isn't really my shade personally (but it's always nice to have something new to use once in a while) - a dark brown isn't really my shade, but they are shades that the collaborator would wear. This formula was really creamy and comfortable to wear. 

Makeup Geek Duochrome Highlighter in Psychadelic ~ $14.99 US. The Bottom Line Psychedelic has a peach base with pink duochrome reflects and luminous finish. The super-smooth and incredibly pigmented formula provides a reflective luminosity that ranges from subtle to extreme - use a light hand for a natural, lit-from-within glow or pack it on for an intense, strobe effect.

I was also excited to see this highlighter in the box - this was a customizable item and you could pick this shade or a darker shade if you have a deeper skintone. Makeup Geek has been a brand that I've wanted to try more from and I love a good highlighter. This was really pretty and a really soft highlighter formula. I thought it looked really pretty on the skin and wore well. 

December 2019 Tribe Beauty Box x Angeschka - Unboxing and Review

Here are both the Gerard Cosmetics lipstick and the Makeup Geek duochrome highlighter swatched on me. Both products have really good formulas! 

December 2019 Tribe Beauty Box x Angeschka - Unboxing and Review

And here is the completed look using all the products in the box. I used the Glamlite Miracle palette on the eyes, as well as the multichrome flakes on the lid (I did place a lighter shadow over top on the flakes as the colour wasn't perfect for me). I have the lipstick on the lips and the highlighter on my cheekbones. Overall, I'm happy with how the look turned out and I enjoyed this box overall. 

Overall, this box is $42 US (plus exchange to Canadian), and it came with $129.89 worth of products! I'm really excited about the highlighter and eye masks, and like the brushes and flakes and need to play with the lipstick and the palette a little bit more! 

I like that this is Canadian company and they feature Canadian brands or smaller, less-known brands! I also like that Tribe Beauty Box is a bi-monthly subscription. I haven't seen any spoilers yet for the February box, so I will decide later if I will renew for then or not! 

December 2019 Tribe Beauty Box x Angeschka - Unboxing and Review

Have you guys tried Tribe Beauty Box before? What did you think of this month's box? 


  1. Oh wow, the Cherubs are mega cute! And the palette has lovely colours too :-D