Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Best of 2019 - Masks of the Year!

I'm carrying on my Yearly Favourites, and today is Mask Wednesday so it's the perfect time to talk about the best masks that I've tried all year! 

Best of 2019 - Masks of the Year!

I purchased all the masks in this post - this post contains 

I try so many masks each year that it's hard to pin point some of the best and I've narrowed it down to the best 7 masks I've tried this year! 

So, this doesn't include any body masks, since I just dedicated a whole post to the funnest product of the year (which was body masks!) This selection is actually really fun in these masks though - a reusable mask, a foil mask, and a variety in prices! 

Best of 2019 - Masks of the Year!

Farmacy Coconut Gel Sheet Mask - Hydrating ~ $8.00 CAN. A coconut water-infused sheet mask with ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract for a healthy-looking glow. 

I'm no stranger to Farmacy masks and have tried and loved many of their masks! You can see my full review on it here! This mask is a biocellulose mask, which is the best material - it's so comfortable and easy to wear! This mask just left my skin so soft and moisturized! My skin looked healthy and bright the next morning!

Leaders 7 Wonders Mask - Himalayan Camellia Pore Minimizing Mask ~ $6.00 CAN. Camellia seed oil reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

I really enjoyed these Leaders masks - they are probably the thinnest bio-cellulose masks that I have worn and they were an absolute dream to wear. This mask wore for 30 minutes and my skin looked super clear and smooth after wearing these! I thought they were very refreshing and you can see a more detailed review here on this mask! 

Leaders AC Clear Treatment Mask ~ $4.00 US. The AC Clear Treatment Mask is a 100% all natural cotton sheet mask that features a formula perfect for those with overactive sebum production, acne and irritations from external factors. The gentle but potent formula will help calm angry blemishes and redness while balancing sebum production. Features snail filtrate to soothe and reduce scarring and dark spots.

This is mask made for oily and acne prone skin - I used this on a night that my skin was feeling extra oily and this worked so well! I was so impressed with how good my skin looked after weating this - it was balanced, refreshed, and even! This mask wore well and the fit was good Plus it was brightening and smoothing! I was really impressed with this! 

Best of 2019 - Masks of the Year!

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask ~ $28.00 CAN for 1 mask ($106.00 CAN for 4 masks). A reusable, dry sheet mask with a revolutionary biomimetic delivery system that hydrates, lifts, and brightens the look of skin.

This is such a great mask! I've never tried a dry sheet mask before and it's such a unique masking experience, especially if you dislike the wet or gloppy feeling that can come with sheet masks. I've done a full post on this mask and you can see my detailed review on this mask here, but overall this left my face bright and refreshed (and you can use it 3 times, and I've been told up to 5 times!) I love how unique this is, and while it comes off as expensive, if you can wear it up for 5 times, it's much more reasonable! 

AmorePacific Moisture Bound Intensive Serum Masque ~ $35.00 CAN for a package of 2 masks (or 6 masks for $120.00 CAN). A unique two-in-one ampoule and masque that provides the instant hydration, firmness, and radiance needed to create a photo-ready finish. 

This mask is also a little expensive; but, it does come in a pack of two! You can see my full thoughts on my review post. This is a 2 step mask that comes with a little vial of ampoule to apply first and then it's a gel mask that's slightly sticky so it applies really well to the face and stays on! My skin just felt super hydrated and looked brightened and plumped! The results were worth the splurge this mask is! I loved how this made my skin look. 

Best of 2019 - Masks of the Year!

UO Metallic Foil Sheet Mask - Rose Gold ~ $5.00 CAN each or 2 for $6.00 CAN. Each mask targets specific concerns with specially-selected ingredients that leave skin balanced and glowing in 20 minutes or less!

This mask was so good! I was really impressed because I was not sure about the foil material. Foil masks add an extra layer to really hold the essence in the face for extra benefits! This mask came with almost 2 handfuls of extra essence and wore for almost 40 minutes - you can see my whole review of this mask here! My skin was so soft and smooth after wearing this and looked visibly clearer and brighter the next morning! I was really impressed with with the results! 

St. Ives Glow Apricot Sheet Mask ~ $3.49 CAN. DITCH THE DULL! This sheet mask, made with 100% naturally sourced apricot extract, helps refresh skin so you can bring on the glow.

This was a mask that I thought was just going to be an okay option - you know, a decent drugstore option that was good but not amazing, but I was so impressed with the results of this. 
This is an affordable, drugstore mask that fit nicely, lasted a long time and gave me really glowy results! I loved how this made my skin look and feel and it's so affordable! 

I'm so happy with all of these masks and they are different and amazing in their own way and I'm so impressed with these! 

What masks were you loving this year?! 


  1. We are basically mask twins! I love everything in here and have yet to try the Leaders ones, but I have some in my stash!

    1. I love checking your list out to see what else I can try!!! But, these were all so good!