Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2019 Fails - The Worst Product Discoveries of the Year

Did you know that I've never actually done a full "worst of" or "product fails" post here?! See The World in PINK means seeing the world through rose coloured glasses, so I always try and write about products I love (of course, not everything works for me and I have no problem writing a less than favourable review), but overall I try and at least find some positives in products that don't work for me. 

2019 Fails - The Worst Product Discoveries of the Year
I purchased all these products on my own - this post contains affiliate links if for some crazy reason you want to buy any of these

But, sometimes you try a product and it just doesn't work at all and you can't find a single good thing about them, so I thought I'd share them (one of these actually was one of my favourite products until it totally failed me too!) 

Also, if you prefer positive things - I've been sharing my Favourites of 2019 for each category all week, so make sure you check out my posts all week! 

2019 Fails - The Worst Product Discoveries of the Year

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask ~ $34.00 CAN full size (travel size shown here). A lanolin-free, vegan, intensive lip mask—supercharged with superfoods—for hydration and healthy skin, with a cushiony, soothing texture.

I'm curious about this if it's been reformulated or not because the packaging and name looks a little different and Bite has been changing some of their products up. But either way, I got this in a little holiday set at the end of 2018 and used it a couple of time at the very beginning of the year and it made my lips burn and left little red bumps on my lips - it was really painful. The only thing that fixed it was the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (I explained it on a past empties post). So, I gave it another chance in case it was a once off and it did it again. Just didn't work at all for me!!! 

Yes To Grapefruit Paper Mask ~ $3.99 CAN. Yes to looking on the bright side with grapefruit and a vitamin C boost to help skin look aglow and refine pores so you are selfie ready in a snap. 

This could possibly be the worst product of the year, along with the Tomato one that I tried (that one may be a little worse, but this is the one I saved). You can see a review of both of these masks here - but I will sum it up: the fit is terrible, they tingle so much they are uncomfortable to wear, and they didn't deliver any results. One actually says it needs to tingle to work and this was says take it off if it tingles too much. 

Yes To actually just recalled a different version of this mask (The Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Unicorn Paper Mask) for severe redness and irritation to other people's skin, but this similar one is still available. I personally think that they should recall the whole line. But, I've heard really good things about their other masks (particularly their bubbling masks), so maybe they just need to reformulate these ones. 

2019 Fails - The Worst Product Discoveries of the Year

ColourPop Jelly Much Shadows ~ $8.00 US or $9.00 US each. Delivers intense pigmentation in a single swipe. Zero creasing, zero fallout. 

These are quite possibly the most disappointing products of the whole year. I was rounding these up for my Favourite Products of the Year post and they were already dried up. I gave these RAVE reviews this year when I tried them - you can Morning Light and Wide Awake on me here. These instantly made my Favourites and they were pigmented and gorgeous. But, they discontinue all the shades quickly and I can see why - these have no lasting power are totally dried up. I picked up a couple others from the Villains line because I liked Spindle a lot, and these were un-opened a totally dried up. 

I'm so unimpressed - and I've really loved ColourPop but this pissed me off. Then, I watched the Broken docu-series on Netflix (the first episode on counterfeit makeup) and it was mentioned somewhere in there that because ColourPop manufactures their own products in their facility they can basically conceptualize a product and have it come to fruition within 5 days, so if they release them quickly, there is no longevity testing of the formula or someone would have noticed that this formula or packaging could have been improved. Ugh, it's made me question my purchases a little from the brand because I want more attention paid to the formula and quality as opposed to just pumping out products. 

2019 Fails - The Worst Product Discoveries of the Year

Haus Laboratories Glam Attack Liquid Shimmer Powder - Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose B*tch ~ $26.00 CAN. This highly pigmented, longwearing liquid eyeshadow amplifies any look. Its blendable, buildable liquid-to-powder formula offers serious color payoff and shade-shifting shimmer, bringing depth, dimension, highlight, or intensity to any look.

This was such a disappointment to me - I was very much excited to try Lady Gaga's makeup line and of course, I love liquid glitter eyeshadows so this seemed perfect. The formula just did not do anything at all for me - there was no impact, you could hardly see any glitter or shimmer (not on it's own or as an eyeshadow topper) and it didn't last at all - it creased and wore away. I tried it multiple times in hopes that it was just that time and it just didn't work for me. You can see it on me here

L'oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer in 360 Cashmere ~ $16.49 CAN. Experience more than a traditional concealer. Infallible Full Wear Concealer is our most pigmented and full coverage concealer with an extra large applicator to provide maximum coverage in just one stroke. Our waterproof, non-greasy formula won’t transfer, fade, or flake and dries down to a thin, natural finish that lasts up to 24 hours.

This product was so raved about that I was really excited to try it when I needed a new concealer. I gave this a really solid effort - I'm talking about a couple of months worth of trying and using it (I even used it in a makeup look), but it was just too thick and crepe-y under my eyes. It looked horrible. Despite being a full coverage concealer, it was terrible. 

2019 Fails - The Worst Product Discoveries of the Year

Here is a look at how it looked under my eyes - Just fell apart. I tried it with multiple application methods, different foundations, primers, etc. nothing worked at all. Perhaps this is great if you have had no texture whatsoever under your eyes, but if you have any texture, don't bother with this! 

2019 Fails - The Worst Product Discoveries of the Year

What did you try this year that just didn't work for you?! 


  1. What a bunch of disappointments! Those Yes To masks really do sound like they should have all be recalled. It seems many people are having issues with most of them. And yikes to that Bite lip mask! Burning and red bumps are not good!! Also such a bummer about the ColourPop shadows.

  2. Jaime also had the same reaction as you with the BITE lip mask!

    1. Crazy - it's either the best or burning your lips. I'm curious how the new formula will be!