Saturday, December 14, 2019

Cozy Winter Self-Care Night

I'm the type of person who talks big about self-care (because I truly believe in taking care of yourself); but, as soon as I get busy or overwhelmed I tend to forget everything I preach. I have been extremely busy with work and life since November basically, and I've had to force myself to do nothing and take some time for myself - and seriously it is the best decision I've made! 

Cozy Winter Self-Care Night
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I thought right before the holidays was the perfect time to talk self-care! I know this is a really busy time and people feel pretty stretched - I also know with some time off around the holidays, I feel even more pressure at work to get everything done before I have the time off. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way too!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Five on Friday - December 13, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! What a week - it's been crazy! We had a busy weekend last weekend with two Christmas parties and then Tuesday my car broke down and I had to rush 


Novelly Yours Exclusive Candle Box November 2019 Stardust & Stories
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So, I've been getting a little bored with beauty subscriptions as of late - I've received all the makeup boxes I could over the past 5 years, so I think I've lost the excitement of them. But, I recently got in to a book box and it sent me spiralling in to the world of bookish goodies, and as a total bookworm, this speaks to me! (Do you remember when I used to have a book challenge page on here?!) So, in this world of bookish goodies, I can across Novelly Yours who makes these stunning candles and then boom, they have a candle subscription and amazingly the November box is about The Starless Sea! I absolutely love Erin Morgenstern and her books - if you saw my birthday post, my husband pre-ordered me a signed copy of The Starless Sea for it's November release! I love the book and the atmosphere it created so I had to have this!)

Thursday, December 12, 2019

November 2019 What I Bought - Monthly Haul!

Time for a look at everything I picked up in November - I really love these Monthly Haul posts - they give me a way to share everything I pick up each month as I don't always post about everything I get!

For 2019, I put myself on "stricter" $100 a month budget, not because I need to; it's actually to be more conscious about what I purchase. I also really want to make sure that I'm enjoying and using everything on my collection! But, over the past couple of months, I got a little less strict and went over budget! (I still think I'm being a little more thoughtful in my purchases while I go overboard!)

November 2019 What I Bought - Monthly Haul!
All products were purchased by me

The Body Shop Haul ~ $32.55 CAN. How cute is this little banana shampoo and conditioner set?! It's called "Go Bananas" and I love it! The shampoo and conditioner are my favourite and the little banana towel is super cute! Plus, I wanted to pick up the Vitamin E mask to try it again as my first experience wasn't the best with it. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Battle of the Newer Drugstore Liquid Eyeshadows - Try-ons, Swatches and Thoughts

I've picked up quite a few new liquid/cream style eyeshadows that I thought instead of reviewing them all individually, why not compare them all in a "show-down" post?! I'm breaking it down in to drugstore and high-end brands, so let's start with the drugstore shadows since they are more affordable! (And, for the record even though I said battle, I really want all my makeup to get along for the greater good of my face!)

Battle of the Newer Drugstore Liquid Eyeshadows - Try-ons, Swatches and Thoughts
Products were purchased by me - this post contains affiliate links

This trend of liquid shadows started with the Stila glitters a couple of years ago and it's exploded since, but especially this year - tons of brands have some type of liquid, cream, glitter or jelly shadow and I love it! I've been pretty impressed with most of the formulas I've tried and they are all a little different which I also think is great! 

Monday, December 9, 2019

Manicure Monday - Holiday Dotticure Nails

Happy Monday everyone! It's been a busy weekend - full on Christmas celebrations here for the whole weekend, so I needed a quick nail art look while keeping it festive still! 

Manicure Monday - Holiday Dotticure Nails
The OPI polishes were received as PR 

A dotticure is such a fun way to incorporate a bunch of colours in to a quick look, so it was the perfect nail art to do this week!