Friday, January 17, 2020

Five on Friday - January 17, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! Oh man, what a week - I got back from Mexico really late Sunday night/early Monday morning and went right in to a crazy work week and I'm exhausted! (But, I'm still managing the delayed NaBloPoMo month and getting a post up a day, even if they are a little late, they still count!)


This post contains items that were bought for me, the rest were purchased by me

The last of my Christmas presents arrived right before we left for our holidays! I was so excited about these 2 little Storybook Cosmetics palettes - The Robin Hood palette and The Red Riding Hood palette! My husband ordered these for me and holiday shipping took soooo long, but they are finally here! 

These little palettes were made with Boxycharm for their December boxes, but we ordered these directly from Storybook as I did want both. The Robin Hood is green focused palette and the Red Riding Hood palette is more red focused. Both are beautiful and I can't wait to use both of these! 


Also while I was away, this lovely little Owlcrate order came in! I shared a past CaraKozik exclusive OwlCrate mug a little while ago and then once it arrived, decided to go back in and order the other two in the collection! They are collaborating for all 7 years and her art work is so lovely, that I just feel the need to have them all! These represent years two and three and they are amazing. Also, I thought this tea sounded really awesome and OwlCrate has worked with Riddle's Tea Shop for a few blends and this one is a fruity, Rooibos tea that sounded delicious! All of these products are still available on the OwlCrate site if you're interested! 


We were just in Mexico for 8 days with my husbands family - there was 13 of us with 4 toddlers and a teenager in a big house! It was as crazy as it sounds; but, so much fun! We managed to go through caves and swim in a cenote, both have been bucket list items for me for a while, so it was really cool (any we just brought the little ones in all of that too!) We stayed just outside of Playa Del Carmen and spent a day at Xcaret and had a great trip! 


When I was away I was told I won a little giveaway from The Calgary Public Library and I won some free parking to go downtown and visit the library! I shared here about my visit earlier in 2019 to the gorgeous building and if you are in YYC, it's so worth checking out! 


Did you guys catch the new about KVD Vegan Beauty this week?! Kat Von D is officially stepping away from her brand and it will be re-named. It also sounds like she and the brand are trying to create the distance as it's been clarified that she will no longer be involved in any capacity with the brand, nor will she make any more money from it. What do you think?! I personally didn't try much from the brand to start with - it just wasn't personally my aesthetic, but I would not purchase anything after she announced she was an anti-vaxxer. I'm not surprised by this move, but I do like it and now if I was interested in something, I could purchase from the brand. Did this change your opinion about the brand or not at all? 

I hope you all have a great weekend!   

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