Saturday, January 11, 2020

Best of 2019 - Nail Discoveries!

I haven't always dedicated full posts to nail polishes I love throughout the year, but this past year I felt like I had a lot favourites, so they deserve their own post! 

Best of 2019 - Nail Discoveries!
The OPI polishes were received as PR samples - this post contains affiliate links

There were so many good formulas this year and so many good shades - I tend to stick to the same old brands, so I'm happy that I tried a lot of new nail polish formulas! 

Plus, I was really trying to expand my nail ideas and got more in to stamping (and actually managed to get good products to get better at stamping!)

Best of 2019 - Nail Discoveries!

Essie Gorge-ous Geodes Holographic polish ~ $8.25 CAN. Gorge-ous Geodes is metallic pink holographic.

This is possibly one of the most stunning nail polishes that I've ever seen - this is so gorgeous! You can see this polish on my nails here and I used this a couple times this year (which is a lot since I got it at the end of Summer!) It's really great to apply too and it's just so stunning!

Maniology Holographic Black Stamping Polish in Black Magick ~ $12.00 US. Black Magick is a potent black polish laced with holographic glitters for nail art that’s truly hypnotic. 

Maniology Copper Orange Stamping Polish in Spiced Orange ~ $7.00 US. Spiced Orange stamping polish feels like home. Paint this over your nails for that warm, festive feeling with you wherever you go.

I feel like I've finally found some really good stamping polishes! The formula on these is nice and thick - they can cover a nail solidly in one coat. But, these actually work well for stamping and have made stamping much easier for me! The holographic black polish is so stunning - you can see it here and you can see the copper orange on me here

Maniology Happily Never After Stamping Plate Set ~ $30.00 US for 5 plates. Our Happily Never After nail stamping plate collection is inspired by the darker details of the Brothers' Grimm storybook fairy tales. Rewrite the fate of your favorite fables on your nails with intricately crafted designs inspired by Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella. 

This is a really pretty set that's this lovely spin on fairy tales that's darker - seriously a zombie Sleeping Beauty and Snow White?! I love! You can see the set on my nails here! Also, I've struggled with stamping plates before, but these ones were so high quality that they were really intricate, but stamped perfectly! So great! 

Best of 2019 - Nail Discoveries!

Moyra Top Coat for Nail Stamping ~ $6.00 US. For covering the stamped design, we strongly suggest to use the SP Top Coat, it is one of the few top coats on the market that does not dissolve the thin stamped layer underneath.

Ok, I'm notoriously bad at not waiting long enough before applying my top coat after nail art and stamping and I always smudge it - that will never happen with this top coat! It is unreal - my nail art has never looked better since I've started using this! It's really thick too, doesn't smudge and makes my polish look flawless for a week. This is by far the best top coat I've ever used for nail art! 

OPI creme polishes ~ $10.99 CAN each full size. 

Okay, up until the end of last year, I hadn't actually really used OPI polishes before (I know I know who am I?! But, I had only had one or two shades) and now I'm totally in love with the formulas! But, of all their formulas, the real standouts were the light pinkish creme shades - I have Rice Rice Baby, Another Ramen-tic Evening, and Kanpai OPI!. These were all from the Tokyo collection and you can see them all swatched on me here! The formula applies so well and wears so nicely! 

Nails Inc. Kiss My Peach Duo Nail Set ~ $20.00 CAN. A juicy duo with two velvety shades of peach, mixed in a cream formulation for extreme long wear and flawless application. 

I've been a fan of the Nails Inc. formula for quite a while, so it's no surprise that this set is in my favourites! It's got a great brush and applies and wears so nicely! You can see these polishes swatched here! Such gorgeous shades and the set is great (also, it's the only Nails Inc. set I bought in 2019 and in 2018 I bought so many!)

So many great nail products this year! Woo hoo! 

Best of 2019 - Nail Discoveries!

What were your favourite nail products this past year?! 


  1. The Kiss My Peach set really calls to me. I will have to check it out! Thank you so much!!

  2. Nice polishes. I love those Nails Inc sets, trying to get most of them!