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Five on Saturday - November 23, 2019 ~ Pat McGrath Labs, Wet n Wild, ColourPop, and Violet Voss palettes!

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm doing something a little different for this Five on Saturday post and I'm taking a week break of sharing my life update (because it's only been a long week of work and nothing amazing has happened) - I'm sharing 5 palettes (or sets) that I've been waiting to review for a while and I'm just getting a little overwhelmed all of a sudden with keeping up with writing full posts on them! 

I know this sounds like a lame problem - but as a blogger, I feel like I have to photograph and review everything I pick up and there is products that I want to use and at this point feel a little too old to have a whole post dedicated to only them! So, they still deserve a little love on here! 


I purchased these palettes - this post contains affiliate links

These beautiful Pat McGrath Labs palettes went on sale this Spring from $70 CAN to $35 and I couldn't resist giving these lovely palettes a try - I mean Pat McGrath is supposed to be an incredible formula and what a great deal to snag these at! (These palettes are actually $86.00 CAN each now too - I think they are Sephora exclusives from the holidays last year but I'm not positive).

I ended up getting these two palettes and they are a little different colour stories than I normally reach for, so it's a different way to try the formula! 

Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Eyeshadow Palette ~ $86.00 CAN. An indulgent palette of golden taupes, rich, powerful bronzes, and velvet-soaked plums, that leaves lids iced in a cool riot of glamour fatale.

This is certainly a more cool toned "bronze" palette and it's taupey and greige feel to - it's a pretty palette, but heavy on the shimmery shades! 

Telepathic Taupe ~ glittering greige
Smoke And Mirrors ~ silky chocolate sheen
Deep Velvet ~ deep plum brown suede
Ritualistic ~ metallic mauve brown
Platinize ~ silky platinum
Sextrovert ~ metallic bronze

This is a really pretty palette - I don't often reach for cool shadows, but I love having these shades for when I do. I don't think it's quite a stand alone palette but it pairs really nicely with lighter matte shades for me. This is a really nice formula - the shimmers are super smooth and the matte is lovely and blends well. If you are interested, I used this in a look in another post - you can see it on me here

Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subversive La Vie En Rose Eyeshadow Palette ~ $86.00 CAN. A luxurious palette with an obsessively opulent melee of vivid violets, risqué plums, and the euphoric glow of incendiary golds.

This is such a gorgeous palette - it's not a colour story i reach for a ton, but I love all of these shades! That light apricot shimmer is so pretty!!! 

This one has a little more mixture of shimmers and matte formulas, so I like that. The mattes are bold but blend well still and the shimmers are smooth and buttery. I haven't use this palette much, but I'm getting ready to focus on it more in the week coming up! 

I really do like the Pat McGrath Labs formula - I know it's expensive, but if I see it go one sale again, I will black out and by more just like I did this past time! 


And now I'm going to the complete opposite end of the spectrum with a super affordable eyeshadow trio - these are $4.99 US. But, I randomly picked this up at a drugstore and it's pretty, but it was limited edition and it's already gone from the Wet n Wild website (they still have a few other trios in different shades). 

Wet n Wild Crystal Cavern Mega Glo Eyeshadow Trio in Rose Quartz ~ $4.99 US. Its’ been said that good things come in threes and our Crystal Cavern™ Mega Glo™ Eyeshadow Trios are no exception! Artfully presented in portable pyramid palettes, each of these collectible eyeshadow trios features three highly pigmented crystal-inspired shades formulated to create a silky, smooth and duo-chrome texture that lasts all day!

These are pretty shades, but this whole trio is shimmery overall so it's not easy to complete a full eye look (and I know that not all palettes need to complete an eye look, but I like when they do).

So, this is a nice formula of shimmers and they are nice - they are just nothing out of the normal in my collection! I do have lots of these shades! 

If you are interested, I used this in the Maleficent look on my past Besame post - you can see it on me here! While it's pretty - it's actually a little trio I'm going to pass on to someone else who will actually use it, because it will just get lost in my collection! 


I must be the last person in the world to to talk about the ColourPop Yes, Please! palette - I bought this in May of 2018 and didn't even swatch it for a year and now 6 months later I have yet to talk about it. So, blast from the past - time to hear my thoughts! 

ColourPop Yes, Please! shadow palette ~ $16.00 US. Neutral enough for your every day look, but with vibrant pops of colour to let you experiment, get this go-to palette loved by everyone!

So this is a really pretty colour story and I love warm neutrals - they are my-go to shades! But, there is something about how these are put together in this palette that hasn't really spoken to me - I don't know what it is. The shadow quality is nice - the mattes blend well and I find they need to built up a little bit. The shimmers are nice too.

Full-zip ~ matte warm ivory
Big cocktails ~ matte orange
Champs ~ matte pale peachy nude
Bling ~ metallic rust
Louie ~ metallic duochrome red with a gold flip
Butter cake ~ metallic pale yellow gold
Spoiled ~ matte brick red
Gno ~ matte burnt orange
Mischief matte warm yellow
Note to self ~ matte warm caramel
Chauffeur ~ metallic duochrome bright orange with a gold flip

French kiss ~ matte medium chocolate brown

Everything swatches nicely and this is a nice formula - I certainly have warm neutrals that I prefer more over this and it's just that the way these shades are put together isn't my favourite! Ahhh.... I'm still a little undecided on this palette! Hence why it's been 1.5 years and I've only used it a handful of times! 


This is actually a palette you've briefly hear me talk about - it made my October 2019 Favourites and I love it - this is a warm neutral that had me instantly in love! I was really hoping to review it before Halloween because it was a holiday release, but unfortunately time got away from me and now I feel like it's too late! 

Wet n Wild 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette - Coffin Break ~ $7.49 CAN. You'll be the ghostess with the mostess this Halloween with our standout 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette specially curated with a macabre mix of sultry evening bolds, and daytime neutral hues designed to be worn alone, or combined for one-of-a kind mystical, magical looks. 

I think the difference of this palette and the yes, please! is that it's got a better mixture of light, medium and dark shades where the Colourpop one feels more one note overall personally! 

I really like the Wet n Wild 10-pan eyeshadow palette formula - the mattes are really blendable and the shimmers are really pretty (there is one more orange glittery shade and it is a little bit loose but could be used with a glitter primer). This is such a staple palette for me now! 


I have been excited to try Violet Voss shadows, so when I saw people selling this from a past Boxycharm, I picked this up for $15 CAN and was so excited! It's a pretty basic colour story but a good way to try the brand! 

Violet Voss Essentials Eye Shadow Palette ~ $29.00 US. Beautiful all in one palette.

To me this is a really pretty basic palette - I have used it briefly, but do need to use it more! So far the formula is nice and there is a good mix of mattes and shimmers. The mattes are nice and blendable and the shimmers are soft and apply nicely. 

These are all pretty simple shades - you may already have them. Most shades are duplicates in my collection, but this is a nice palette to use all together! 

Alright, phew - that feels nice to get these palettes out of my "to-blog-about" pile and in to my collection to be used and loved (or some may be passed on unfortunately just due to my rather large eye shadow collection! I hope you all have a great week and you can look forward to some Five on Friday life updates next week! 

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