Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 2014 Lip Monthly Beauty Box - Review and Unboxing

Lip Monthly is an inexpensive beauty box subscription focusing on lip products. It costs $10 a month + $5 shipping to Canada.

Lip Monthly describes their boxes as: For only $10/month, LipMonthly helps you discover the best lip products on the market. Every month we’ll send you a unique box straight to your door and help you discover the best of Lip Glosses, Lip Sticks, Lip Balms, Lip Stains and much more.

Right now you can use the coupon code 2FREE you can get a year subscription for $100 (plus shipping) instead of $120.

I signed up for the August Box when I saw a coupon for the first box for $6.99. There was no way I could turn down a box for $7! I'm not usually huge for just boxes with lip items - only because I am very basic with my lip products!

Here is a look at the August 2014 Lip Monthly Beauty Box:

Here is a look at the products I received:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 2014 Your Bijoux Box Jewellery Box - Review and Unboxing

Your Bijoux Box is a monthly jewellery subscription box that delivers 3 pieces of jewellery with over $100 value each month for $35 US + $6 shipping (with the exchange rate I paid $45.99).

I really like getting jewellery each month and the last 3 months have been really good! The jewellery is not customizable; every subscriber gets the same items each month!

The sneak-peak was a lantern pendant that looked really pretty!

Here is a look at my August 2014 Your Bijoux Box:

And here is a look inside:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Manicure Monday - Panda Nail Art!

The only thing I like about Mondays is that I can post my weekly Manicure!! This week I'm doing Panda Nails! 

Here are the products I used for this weeks Mani:
  • Formula X Nail Cleanser, Base Coat and Top Coat
  • Sally Hansen #300 White On
  • Black nail art polish
  • OPI in "Greenade" for Nina Garcia NG02 Quarterly Box
  • Nail Dot tool & Nail art brushes (I do recommend nail art brushes only because the brush is not as long as in the nail art polishes and are easier to control)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 2014 Topbox - Review and Unboxing

TopBox is a Canadian Beauty Box Subscription! For $12 CDN a month with free shipping you get 4 deluxe sample size or full size products. You fill out a beauty profile and get items based on what you have identified. Also, every month you have the option to "wish" for a prive box. A prive box is a box that focuses on one brand or product for the whole box.

I have recieved a Prive Box for the last 2 months, so this month I requested a "regular" Topbox.

Here is a look at my August 2014 Topbox:

Here is a look inside:

Memebox Collaboration #1 Memebox X The Pink Diary - Review and Unboxing

Memebox is a Korean Beauty Box company. Memebox is not a monthly subscription box - they instead have a ton you can choose from ranging in price from $15 and up. The boxes have different themes and their are limited quantities (from what it looks they, they are very popular and the boxes sell out quickly!) The boxes come with 4-8 full size and deluxe sample size items & they usually show you 1 spoiler from the box and the rest are all surprises! Shipping to Canada is $6.99. (shipping does take any where from 10-20 business days).

They just released a special collaboration with The Pink Diary. This box was said to include 6 full sized products. The Box was $23 + $6.99 shipping (with the exchange rate I paid $33.63 CDN).

Here is a look at my Memebox X The Pink Diary Collaboration Box:

I love the cute box it came in! The box came with all of Sharon's (the creator of the The Pink Diary) favorite Korean beauty products. 

August 2014 Beauty Box 5 - Review and Unboxing

Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription box that costs $12 US per month + $3 shipping to Canada. If you sign up for longer you get a lower price per box: $30 quarterly, and $99 a year.

I signed up for Beauty Box 5 when they had a promotional code for $12 off a year - so I got a full year for $87. This worked out to $97.60 Canadian with the exchange rate so $8.14 a month.

Here is a look at my August 2014 Beauty Box 5:

This month's theme is "Radiant and Remarkable" and is all about "embracing beaming skin, dazzling lips, and lustrous locks to keep your glow going".

Monday, August 18, 2014

Manicure Monday (my first attempt at water marbling - it needs a little improvement!)

I have been dying to try out Water Marbling on my nails for quite a while now! So this week for my Manicure Monday, I decided to go ahead and try it out! 
Here is a brief tutorial (one of the most straight forward in photos that I have seen!):
The link to this tutorial can be found here
Here are the products that I used:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 2014 Julep Maven Nail Polish Box - Review and Unboxing

Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription box. For $24.99 US per month Julep will send you 2 nail polishes and 1 other item (beauty product/nail product). If you sign up for 3 months you will get the boxes for $19.99 per month. 

Julep matches you up with a style box each month based on a quiz you take - you can choose to buy the box Julep selects for you or you can choose another box that you prefer!

This month I was matched up with the "Bombshell" Box - I ended up customizing the box and switching one of the colors around. Here is a look at my August customized Julep Maven Box:

This month's "Wanderlust" nail polish collection was beautiful - unfortunately for Julep they did not plan well and ended up running out of some colors. Some people were receiving 3 of 1 color and getting random replacements instead of what they ordered! Yikes - I was a little but mine turned up just as ordered it!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag - Review and Unboxing + Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Review!

Ipsy is a beauty bag subscription that that sends you 4-5 deluxe sample or full size products each month. The cost is $10 US + $4.95 shipping to Canada (I paid $16.76 with the exchange rate this month). Ipsy is generally makeup products with a mix of skin, nail, and hair products based on a beauty profile you complete. You can view your "glam room" online that tells you all the products you will receive each month - I really like to keep it a surprise so I don't check ahead of time!

I was really impressed with Ipsy's shipping this month (July was super slow, so the quick shipping in August really made up for it to me!)

Here is a look at my August 2014 Ipsy Glam Bag review:
This month's theme is "Beauty Schooled". They also have a social media contest on right now that if you make a note of your favorite beauty tip and include the hashtag #beautytipsters you have a chance to win a prize package from the featured companies this month! I always love a chance to win anything so why not!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Manicure Monday (Coral and Teal Polka Dot Nails) and Monthly Pedicure (Flower Toes)!

This week's Manicure was inspired by Coral and Teal (and Polka Dots!):

Here is a look at the products I used for this week's mani:
  • Formula X nail cleanser, base coat and top coat
  • Sally Hansen #405 Coral Reef
  • Julep polish "Lissa"
  • nail dotting tools (you could use toothpicks if you don't have these tools but they are very inexpensive on ebay!)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Manicure Monday - Strawberry Nail Art!

Time for another Manicure Monday (a real one this time!). I have been loving all the fruit nails that I have been seeing lately and decided to jump on the bandwagon! 

Here is my inspiration this week:
The Wonder Forest has an amazing tutorial that I followed here
How cute are these nails? The only difference with my mani is that I chose to do 2 accent nails on each hand instead of each finger - I chose this tutorial as well because I love the pink behind the strawberries!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

July 2014 Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Box - Review and Unboxing

Petit Vour is an all vegan/ cruelty free beauty subscription box. For Canadians, it is $23 US a month (I paid $25.10 with the exchange rate) and Americans pay $15 a month. You receive 4-5 sample or full size beauty products from luxury vegan brands.

Here is a look at the July 2014 Petit Vour Box:

This month's theme is "Summer Loves". For their July Box, Petit Vour teamed up with vegan lifestyle blogger, Logical Harmony to help select their items for must haves for the ultimate summer beauty collection.