Saturday, December 14, 2019

Cozy Winter Self-Care Night

I'm the type of person who talks big about self-care (because I truly believe in taking care of yourself); but, as soon as I get busy or overwhelmed I tend to forget everything I preach. I have been extremely busy with work and life since November basically, and I've had to force myself to do nothing and take some time for myself - and seriously it is the best decision I've made! 

Cozy Winter Self-Care Night
The mug and lotion were received as PR - this post contains affiliate links

I thought right before the holidays was the perfect time to talk self-care! I know this is a really busy time and people feel pretty stretched - I also know with some time off around the holidays, I feel even more pressure at work to get everything done before I have the time off. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way too!

So, if you need this reminder, here you go - make sure you take time to take care of yourself! You deserve it! Especially if you have work/life/family stress - remember that you can't be on and your best if you don't take care of yourself! Self-care looks different for everyone; but, these are the ingredients that I use for a perfect night of self care in the Winter - the cold can make me miserable too and the sun setting so early means it's harder to get out, so I like to think "cozy" while taking care of myself these months! 

Cozy Winter Self-Care Night

A Yummy Drink ~ It's no secret that I'm a wine lover here; but, when I really need to relax and not stress about anything, I will avoid alcohol for the evening. I tend to get really anxious when overwhelmed and I just don't like mixing alcohol when I'm feeling that way. No judgment, I unwind with a glass of wine most nights, so if that's what you need on a self-care night, then that works! I love a good tea and another rule I follow is a no caffeine tea - I want to be able to fall asleep quickly after all these steps! The one I'm reaching for now is The Naked Leaf Herbal Earl Grey Rooibos ($24.00 CAN for 150g). 

A Comfortable Face Mask ~ This is the night to pull out a mask you love and you like wearing! I'm reaching for a biocellulose or hydrogel mask because I know it stays nicely on the face and wears well - this is The Face Shop Bio-Cell Moisturizing Face Mask ($6.00 CAN). I love wearing a sheet mask to relax - there is no mess or anything to rinse off after wearing! Also, I know when I great stressed my skin can take a toll, so this is a really important step to feeling and looking refreshed!

A Stress Reliever ~ I know when I'm getting worked up because my shoulders get so tight that I know it's time to unwind. I've really been loving the This Works Stress Check Roll-on ($15.00 US for a set of two minis). This roll-on "promotes clear breathing and clarity of mind" and I find the scent isn't too strong and it does help me unwind. I will apply it right on my sore muscles and collarbones for the best scent (you can also apply to pulse points and wrists). In this category, I will often take a bubble bath too - I add a good relaxing scent and the warm water is a great stress reliever (I just like something a little cozier and warm in the Winter!)

Something Warm and Cozy ~ Being cozy and warm is a must while taking care of myself in the winter! These Reading Socks ($24.50 CAN) are the perfect way to keep cozy - a pair of slippers would be great too. Also, a nice big cozy blanket fits this category well too (or both, who doesn't love both?!) There is something that just feels like you are taking care of yourself when you can snuggle up and be warm - this helps me unwind so much! 

Cozy Winter Self-Care Night

A Cute Mug ~ Okay, a cute mug is a must for me all the time, but it just feels fancier (like having a dinner on fancy dishes) that just adds to the "treat yo self" feel. Plus this Rachel Allene Cozy Nights, Cheery Lights Camper Mug ($20.00 US) is the perfect mug. It's actually so cozy to hold on to and it gets a little warm so it's perfect. I used my tea to make a tea latte and it's the perfect drink for this! I love this camper style mug - they are super cute! 

A Winter Candle ~ I always love a Winter scent for relaxing, so a candle (or wax melt) in your favourite scent is perfect. This one is the Bath and Body Works Hot Cocoa and Cream ($25.50 CAN) and it's delightful - I love baked goods scents and this smells like that to me! And if you don't like candles, you could also use a relaxing room spray, like the Lush Sleepy spray instead! 

An Indulgent Body Lotion ~ This might be an unnecessary step for some, but it just helps me unwind if before I get in my pyjamas or comfy clothes to relax in that I apply a really rich body butter first. When I think of indulgent, rich lotion I always go for the Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Body Butter ($49.00 CAN). I've had this for a long time and always save it for when my skin or me really needs it! Also, I think it's great to start with a good massage as you apply this! 

A Good Book ~ As a bookworm at heart, this is my favourite way to relax and not worry about anything else going on - get lost in an amazing story. I always keep the phone away so I can disconnect, as it makes me think about too much going on! But, if you aren't a reader, whatever helps you chill out - movie, show, audiobook, or podcast could always work too (just make sure it doesn't get you thinking about whatever else was getting to you before). If you are looking for an amazing Winter read, I would highly suggest The Starless Sea ($25.86 CAN) - it's such a lovely book to get lost in as it's very descriptive and beautiful to read! 

So, this is my recipe for a cozy Winter self-care night! I've already had to do this all a couple of nights this season and with the holidays coming up, I know there will be more. Once I'm done, I will make a quick to-do list if I'm feeling overwhelmed by tasks and things to-do so I don't forget anything! Then put it aside for the next day when you can get to it. Then, make sure to go to bed early - a full night sleep can do wonders for you! 

Cozy Winter Self-Care Night

I hope this helps if you need a reminder to take care of yourself during this busy, sometimes overwhelming time! I know people can feel guilty about taking care of themselves, but I'm here to remind you that you deserve it! 


  1. Self care is so important, especially during these crazy busy holiday times. This is a great list of items to have!

    1. It's so important! I love nights to myself just to unwind and regroup!