About Me

Hi! I'm Renee - founder of See The World in PINK and blogger based in Calgary, Alberta. See The World in PINK was started with my love of skincare products, masks, beauty products, makeup, nails, reading and subscription boxes! 

I was introduced to beauty subscription boxes (in May 2014) by my work partner. She told me about Ipsy and then it all snowballed from there - I was hooked!!! I did hours of research on beauty subscription boxes and then realized all the different kinds of boxes! I started blogging about subscriptions because I knew there must be other people interested in knowing about the value and quality of the products. Then, I added in my nails and more!

This blog has really evolved since then and I am so excited that I have found a platform to share my love of beauty, skincare, nails, and everything else I love! I am a self proclaimed skincare addict! I use a 10 step skincare routine and am constantly trying new products to incorporate in to my routine! Plus, I've turned in to a total mask addict and I also love doing makeup posts are reviewing products are creating looks!

Also, the best part is I can add in everything else I love too - books, travel reviews, family and some lifestyle posts as well. I I hope you find something you like here - I always hope people enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Xoxo!