Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March 2020 - Monthly Favourites!

Here are the top 5 products that I have been loving this month:

March 2020 - Monthly Favourites!

The Paula's Choice was received as PR - this post contains affiliate links

This month's favourites are a really good range of products - a few makeup products and a couple of skincare products! 

Monday, March 30, 2020

Manicure Monday - Happy Face Nails

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend - ours was quiet (obviously), but good. I'm really trying to stay positive, but sometimes it's not always easy under the current circumstances, so I thought I would enlist the help of my nails to help keep my positivity motivated! 

Manicure Monday - Happy Face Nails
The Bio Sculpture polishes were received as PR - this post contains an affiliate link

Funny story - The CBBxManiMonday group picked "pastel nails" for the month of April, and this is what I picked. And, honestly I didn't notice until I went to schedule this post for today (last night) and my blog calendar reminded that is in fact still March, which should be "blue and green nails" so I'm feeling a little silly right now that this is neither! 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

March 2020 What I Bought - Monthly Haul!

Happy haul day everyone! Early this year, I set one of my 2020 goals to be actually sticking to my $100 a month Beauty Budget - are you ready to see if I was able to do this?!? 

I always love my Monthly Haul posts to share with you everything I picked up (since I can't review everything I buy)! I also am trying to hold myself a little more accountable to buying products that I really want and will actually use!

I purchased everything in this post

Facebook Auction Find ~ $10.00 CAN. This was a brand new mist I picked up on an auction and this was a product that has been huge on my to-try list! This is a full sized product that is regular $37, so I was pretty excited to pick it up! 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Five on Friday - March 27, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've all good week - it's still been pretty exhausting here, but I'm feeling better this week. I really hope everyone is doing okay and hanging in there! 


I purchased everything in this post - this post contains affiliate links

I  received my March Owlcrate subscription and this month's theme is "Music of the Night". Each month the book Owlcrate includes is signed by the author and comes with a note from the author as well - they often have special edition covers just for the box, and they seem to include a lot of exclusive items just for Owlcrate, which is so fun! 

This month the items included in the box are:

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Storybook Cosmetics Fairy Tales Little Briar Rose Palette

I have been talking about Storybook Cosmetics on the blog for years - starting back in September 2017 with their Wizardry and Witchcraft palette. I know they've had some up and downs over the past couple of years (they've tended to sneak peek ideas very far in advance and haven't made some of them, but they also got in to Ulta and have come out with some really great palettes). It's a brand I find myself really drawn to because I love their ideas and I love the Storybook inspirations! 

Storybook Cosmetics Fairy Tales Little Briar Rose Palette
I purchased this palette myself 

Storybook Cosmetics and Boxycharm announced that for their December box they were collaborating on a line of Fairy Tale palettes - two minis and a full size Briar Rose palette! I'm not subscribed to Boxycharm anymore, but this is for sale on the Storybook Cosmetics website still! I've talked a whole bunch on here about how much I love Sleeping Beauty, so I clearly really wanted to pick this and give it a try! Briar Rose and Aurora are Sleeping Beauty's other names and "Little Briar Rose" is the original name of the fairy tale story that everything Sleeping Beauty has been based on!