Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015 Bath Time Box Review

This box has been provided free of charge for an honest review - all opinions are my own

Bath Time Box is a newer Canadian subscription box (started right here in Alberta - yay!!!). It focuses on products to help you rediscover bath time - I love baths so this box is right up my alley! This is the fifth box, February was the very first box! 

Bath Time Box is described as: 

"Designed and curated with the Bath lover in mind, each Bath Time Box contains 5 full and deluxe sample sized bath products carefully chosen to take your bath time to the next level.  Each box is carefully chosen with a focus on Natural and Handcrafted products. 

Delivered to you monthly, each box will hold an assortment of luxurious milk baths, scintillating bubble baths, invigorating scrubs, nourishing lotions and so much more."

Bath Time Box is $29.00 monthly + free shipping. (If you sign up for 3 months, it is $85, and 12 months is $335 + free shipping).

Also, if you are interested in purchasing items from the box, you can go the Bath Time Box store: www.bathtimestore.com

Here is a look at the June 2015 Bath Time Box:

The first thing I notice is that that product card has changed! They introduced a bigger and better product card so they can include all the information about the products - I like this idea! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Manicure Monday - Mermaid Nails (Scratch Nail Wraps)

Yay, time for a real Manicure Monday this week!! I'm thinking Mermaid Nails this week! 

Here are the products I used for this week's Manicure:

Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 2015 Beauteque Mask Maven - Face Mask Subscription Review

Beauteque is an American company that focuses on creating a beauty bag subscription featuring Asian Beauty products. Beauteque launched their original "BB Bag" Subscription in January of this year and their "Mask Maven" was just launched in March - this is their 3rd bag! 

The Mask Maven subscription is described as:

"The Mask Maven is a luxurious subscription service offering a lovely assortment of masks each month to keep your skin smooth, soft, and spectacular. 
You will receive all kinds of masks including face sheet masks, hand and feet masks, hair masks, wash off masks, and more."

Beauteque Mask Maven is $15 monthly - if you sign up for a longer subscription, you can save a little money: $14 per month if you sign up for 6 months, or $13 per month if you sign up for 12 months. Shipping per month is $3.95 for the U.S., $5.95 to Canada, and $8.95 to Europe. Each month you can expect to receive 9-11 masks of all varieties.

So I initially signed up for 3 months, which was was supposed to end in May and while I liked the masks, I had received a ton of repeats and the subscription seemed a little disorganized. I was planning on cancelling (I love Mask Genie and don't really need 2 masks subscriptions every month) but I forgot, so it renewed for the next 3 months. I really hope that this subscription improves from the last 3 months! 

Here is a look at the June 2015 Mask Maven:

I love that they included a little note saying they are taking their subscribers comments in to account! Another amazing thing is they included a product card this month!

June 2015 - Ipsy Glam Bag Beauty Subscription Review

Ipsy is one of the inexpensive beauty bag sample subscriptions. You receive 4-5 deluxe sample size or full size products each month. The cost is $10 US (+ $4.95 shipping to Canada). 

Ipsy is generally make-up products with a mix of skincare, nail polish, and hair products based on a beauty profile you complete. There is usually 12-18 products that are selected from each month! You can view your "glam room" online that tells you all the products you will receive each month. You also receive a make-up bag each month with your products.

Here is a look at the June Ipsy Bag:

The theme for this month is "Swim into Beauty" - Salt in the air, sand in our hair. Cue the lifeguards because summer will be 5 times the fun when you dive into these beauty must-haves for June. Ipsy does not include a product card, instead you log into your account and view everything online.

Friday, June 26, 2015

June 2015 - Birchbox Canada Subscription Box Review

Birchbox is the original sample beauty box and has been in the U.S.A. since 2010 - and this is only the 6th month it has been available in Canada. It is $10 a month + $4.95 shipping to Canada (you can save money by signing up for a year for $100 + shipping costs). Each month you receive 5 sample (or full size) products based on a beauty profile you complete.

Birchbox Canada describes itself as:
"Five personalized beauty samples delivered right to your door each month. It’s the best way to find the products you’ll love."

(It should be noted that if you see the U.S. Birchbox - Canadian's receive different products. I hope this expands and we get access to all the products available to out American counterparts soon! I like that some boxes (such as Ipsy and Glossybox) offer the exact boxes to Canadians - I am hoping Birchbox does the same at some point!)

Here is the June 2015 Birchbox Canada:

Lately, Birchbox has been including pretty boxes, rather than the regular brown box. 

Five on Friday - June 26, 2015

T.G.I.F. - yay for Friday!! I forgot what day of the week it was the last few days, but I will never forget when it's Friday!! 


This past weekend was my Bridal Shower! It was so amazing!! My family and friends worked so hard and truly made me feel like a princess!! (And those cupcakes?! Amazing!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Manicure Monday - Top 5 Favorite Nail Art Manicures!

I have to start this post by saying this week I actually wrote my Manicure Monday on Monday and then forgot to post it - so it just looks like I am consistently posting Manicure Monday on Tuesday now!! 

Here are my Top 5 Favorite Nail Art:

1. Cupcake Nail Art

I'm in love with these nails - I will be doing them again this Summer!! If you would like to do them too, the full tutorial is here.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Skincare Sunday - Vichy ProEVEN Product Reviews - My "Vichy Works For Me" Experience

I have to say, I was very excited upon receiving my Topbox this month to I find out I was selected by Topbox and Vichy to receive their "Vichy Works For Me" experience. (I didn't get an email in advance as some people did, so it came as a pleasant surprise). This involves sampling 3 different products based on what you have identified as a skincare need - I identified dark spots and an uneven skin tone as one of my specific needs. (I don't have a ton of this, but I certainly have an uneven skin tone and a few age/sun spots. 

Here is a look at what I received:

I am surprised that everything is full size - this is great! All the products I was sent are from the ProEVEN line - to focus on skin correction. The ProEVEN line is described as: 

Finally, gentle resurfacing treatments that help fight dark spots even before they appear. Daily use results in skin that looks smoother, brighter and more even."

Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 2015 Topbox - Canadian Beauty Subscription Review

TopBox is a Canadian Beauty Box Subscription - for $12 CDN a month with free shipping, you will receive 4 deluxe sample size or full size products. You fill out a beauty profile and generally receive products based on what you have identified in the profile. Also, every month you have the option to wish for a "prive" box, which is a box that focuses on one brand or product for the whole box.

TopBox is a Canadian company and only ships to Canada. The only downside to subscribing to TopBox is that there is a wait-list that can take a month or two to get off of.

**Of note, Luxebox emailed it's subscribers recently to say they had merged with Topbox (I had cancelled Luxebox prior to this), but seeing reviews of both boxes, they are sending the same products in both boxes**

For June, I opted for the regular Topbox. Here's a look:

Topbox always come in it's signature purple mailer. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Five on Friday - June 19, 2015

Finally, it is Friday!!! This has been a super busy week, and I have had no work partner for the whole week too which has made it much busier for me - I am looking forward to the weekend! 

So, last Saturday my car decided that she was dead and did not want to work for me! Ugh, it was such a busy day and I had so much running around to do! Thinking about buying a car right before your wedding/honeymoon is not a pleasant feeling! But, we crunched our numbers and got a good deal on a pretty new car - a 2015 Elantra! I have never been able to buy a new car and I am so excited! 


Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 2015 - Adore Me Intimates Subscription Review + first set discount

This post contains referral links

Adore Me is a Lingerie/Intimates subscription box. Each month for $39.95 + $5.95 shipping to Canada you receive a lingerie/sleepwear set! 

Adore Me has plenty of options for you to choose from:

  • Bra & Panty sets 
  • Swimwear
  • Sleepwear
  • Corsets
  • Lingerie 
  • Panties
Adore Me offers your first set for $24.95 - no code required! They also offer every 6th set you order free! 

*Note - Adore Me is similar to Fabletics - you must sign in to your account by the 5th of the month and choose what you would like or skip the month. If you do not select or skip by the 5th you will be charged and a credit granted on your account*

Here is a look at my June Adore Me:

Comes in a black box and the package is nicely wrapped in tissue paper. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Elephant Island Blackberry Wine + The Face Shop Acai Berry Sheet Mask)

Ahhh... it's been a stressful week - I'm happy it is Wine and Mask Wednesday! My theme this week is "berries" - yum! (I know this theme comes up a fair bit, but there are so many berry wines and berry masks that I just can't help myself! 

Here is my Wine of the Week:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Manicure Monday - Glitter Nails

My nails were pretty bright last week, so I wanted to tone it down this week - think neutrals with a little hint of glitter! 

Here are the products I used:

Friday, June 12, 2015

Five on Friday - June 12, 2015

Time to link up for another Five on Friday! 


So all of my talk over the last two weeks of my Bachelorette Party, I forgot to mention the adorable favors from the weekend! One of my bridesmaids made customized glitter wine glasses for everyone who came for the weekend - I love these! What a great surprise! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Manicure Monday (Ikat Nail Art)

Whoops, I went to bed super early last night and skipped out on Mani Monday! Time to catch up now! 

I found my inspiration earlier this week when The Nail Trail posted a photo/video to her instagram with a quick how to for ikat nails! I had to try it - plus after having light pink quiet nails for a week, I needed something bright!

Here are the products I used for this week's Mani:

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Skincare Sunday Product Review - Hanaka Macaron Mask

This week for Skincare Sunday I am reviewing a new mask (sorry, not sorry - I love masks and since they are my favorite type of products, I will review a bazillion of them!)

Here is what I am trying this week:

Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask - Q10 Essence ~ $3.90. Has properties of moisturizing, purifing pores, balancing oil and water, strengthen skin, making the skin elastic and dynamic.

Friday, June 5, 2015

May 2015 Empties!

Through my love of make-up Youtube videos, I have come to love empties videos! It is just such a good way to review a product when the whole thing is used up! 

I have seen a few other bloggers do these posts and thought it would be a good way to review all my empties given that I don't do Youtube videos! At the start of May, I used 5 products within the first 2 days and it gave me the motivation to see what I use up and what I thought of them! 

(Also, just as a note I will only be showing empties of make-up, skincare, body and hair products - the rest you don't need to see! I won't be showing many masks here either because I review my whole Month in Masks in a separate post that you can check out here!)

Let me know if you like reading these posts and if you are interested in seeing a monthly post!

Here is a look at my May Empties:

Surya Brasil Sapien Women - Vegan & Natural Shave Gel ~ full size $20.39. The eco friendly Sapien Women Shave Gel protects your skin while shaving. Its a natural and vegan product made with exotic organic Amazonian ingredients like CupuaƧu butter, Pracaxi oil*, Macadamia oil, Vitamin E to prevent drying and protect sensitive skin. Organic Aloe Vera juice and vegetable glycerin promote intense hydration.
I received this product in the Nina Garcia June 2014 box and it smells soooo good! I was a little unsure of a gel type shave gel at first but this is awesome - I love that it is vegan and all natural. A little product went a long way and this lasted a long time. I will repurchase this when I get through a few other shave creams!

Five on Friday - June 5, 2015

Time for another Five on Friday! I feel like I have so behind this week! I am still trying to catch up on blog posts (and on normal life!!!) I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend this weekend! 


I am excited to announce another giveaway happening!! I am so happy there has been 3 giveaways in a row here on See The World in PINK - I hope you guys have been loving it!! This week I am teaming up with MaskGenie to giveaway 2 Mask Genie "10 Days in The Wild" pouch! Go here to see the giveaway post! (this giveaway is open internationally!)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mask Genie 10 Days in the Wild Giveaway!!!

Alright, you guys know how much I love me some Mask Genie!!! I am very excited to announce that I am hosting a giveaway for TWO WINNERS to win the Mask Genie Special Edition "10 Days in the Wild Mask Pouch"!!! 

This pouch was $34 to buy and contains 10 animal masks! This was a limited edition pouch, but Mask Genie also offers a monthly subscription (which is amazing!) - and you can check out my past reviews here.

Here are the masks that come in the pouch:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Sleeping Giant Apple Pie Dessert Wine + The Face Shop Sparkling Apple Mask)

Ugh... you know you had a bit of a crazy Bachelorette weekend when Wednesday comes along and you don't even feel like your usual glass of wine!!! So, just a small one tonight! 

My theme for this week's Wine + Mask Wednesday is "apples" - yum! 

Here is my Wine of the Week:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 2015 - Month of Masks in Review

Masks are a big part of this routine and since I have come to love this routine, I have incorporated so many new masks in to my routine! I love trying different brands and different types of masks! Hopefully after this post you love masks as much as I do!

Hope you like this idea and are interested in seeing lots of masks reviews!! 

May 1
Lush Fresh Face Mask "Catastrophe Cosmetic" ~ $9.95. A cooling, calming, deep cleansing blueberry mask for sore and troubled skin.
This mask is AMAZING! (I have featured it before on a Wine + Mask Wednesday and you can check out the full review here, and also it was featured in April's Monthly Mask Review). It smells amazing and I had to use it by May 3rd, so I finished it up!  

Monday, June 1, 2015

Manicure Monday and Monthly Pedicure - Spring 2015 OPI Hawaii Colors

If you read my last post than you know that as a little Bachelorette Party treat at the spa and got a manicure and pedicure (and if you didn't read the last post, now you know)! 

I went to the Spa Delta Grand and they exclusively carry OPI polish, so for both my nails and toes I chose new colors from the OPI Spring 2015 Hawaii collection! 

For my Monthly Pedicure I chose Pineapples Have Peelings Too!

It is described as: The heart of the matter lies in this gold shimmer with colorful sparkle.

Skincare Sunday Service Review - Delta Grand Spa Kelowna

Hope everyone had a great weekend - my friends and I spent the weekend in Kelowna, B.C. for my Bachelorette party! Yesterday they all spoiled me by getting me some amazing spa treatments! 

We went to the Delta Grand Okanagan Spa and I received 3 treatments! 

"Receive sugar exfoliation, Vichy shower, body wrap and scalp massage, and Blueberry Soy Treatment Cream. This wrap improves elasticity and re-enforces collagen fibers for firmer skin, as well as increasing circulation and infusing the skin with moisture."

It was amazing! I have never had a body wrap before and I loved it! The Vichy shower was really cool and the exfoliant and blueberry lotion was amazing! This was very relaxing! 

Second treatment I got was the CLASSIC SPA PEDICURE
"We offer the very best in foot care. Pedicures include foot bath, nail and callus care and leg and foot massage."

The best part of this treatment was the chair you sit it - they recline all the way back and was very relaxing! 

Five on Friday - May 29, 2015

(Whoops, I know this is late!!!!! This is my exact post from Friday, I just forgot to hit post!)

I'm linking up for another Five on Friday! 

I'm so excited for this weekend! I am starting my weekend early and am taking today off of work - it's time to get started early!

It is my Bachelorette Party weekend!!! I decided to do a quick getaway to Kelowna for a Wine Tour Bachelorette Party! We are staying in a beautiful house and I am so excited to spend the weekend with a big group of girls I love! On that note, there will not be any posts from me this weekend - I will back with posts on Monday! 

I'm so excited to announce I am hosting another giveaway - this time it is a giveaway for the June Bath Time Box!

This giveaway is open to Canadians only (sorry, the rest of you can wait until next week!!!!) and you can find the original post here. Bath Time Box is a newer subscription that started right here in Alberta!! It is so awesome to receive some indulgent bath goodies every month - I think the winner of the June Box will be very happy!!!