Friday, April 24, 2020

Five on Friday - April 24, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! What a strange week this has been - I've been working from home for the week, and was just back to work today. My husband started feeling sick over the last weekend and he had to self isolate and get tested - we were told yesterday that he does not have Covid-19, which is great. We didn't think he did; but, with the nature of our work, it's always better to be safe! But, it's made for a bit of a crazy week! 


spiderman birthday cookies
Everything in this post was purchased by me, with exception of the NYR gift

The strangest part of this week was that it was Elliott's 3rd birthday yesterday! I had fun plans for a birthday party, and then we just hard to celebrate with the four of us. It was fine and Elliott was happy, but it was just a hard adjustment! So, I made some adorable Spiderman cookies and cupcakes to help my little Peter Parker celebrate! 

And, Elliott's Spiderman day was a hit! He loved the web cupcakes and the Spiderman cookies! We also played Spiderman, got some new Spiderman toys and watched Spiderman! 

Also, as a not about those Spiderman cookies - red icing is hard to do! It will look pink even if you use as much red as you possibly can. The secret is to let it sit for a day or two! For the eyes, I used this 100% Edible Metallic Food Paint and Wilton FoodWriter Edible Color Markers for the decorating and those pens were really easy to use! 

This was really sweet - Neal's Yard Remedies had a little instagram gift for Calgary frontline workers and my cousin and I tagged each other in the post which, so they actually hand delivered a little gift of a hand soap and hand lotion in the Mandarin & Clove and the scent is amazing! 


I just picked a new little cookbook - Dirty Food by Julie Van Rosendaal. Julie is actually on the Calgary radio shows I listen to, and she's been a strong voice during the pandemic and about food availabilities for youth and low income families. I also like her approach to cooking that she gives a lot of options and substitutes that makes her cookbook really approachable! 


Oh hey, I'm still supporting the whole wine industry:

Elephant Island is one of my favourite BC wineries - they focus on all fruit wines and their pear wine is amazing! My friend and I shared a case so we can get free shipping, so I picked up some Pear wine, Blackberry wine and one bottle of Black Currant wine! 

I also picked up some wine from Konzelmann Estate Winery - this is an Ontario Winery, that I had never tried, but I saw something about this Peach wine and it sounded delicious! So, I picked up some Peach wine, and a variety of other wines and, the peach wine was amazing btw! So yummy! 


I have a small declutter for April - I'm just getting rid of Perspirex roll-on, because I just noticed that it was expired and a Plump and Sealed lips, that I just haven't used yet and probably won't use it. 

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