Thursday, April 9, 2020

Mad Beauty Disney Minnie Magic Face Mask

It's Mask Wednesday! I've shared these adorable Mad Beauty Disney printed masks before and they are too cute! 

Mad Beauty Disney Minnie Magic Face Mask
I purchased this mask myself

I've seen this big movement during this self-isolation time to focus a bit more on skincare instead of makeup, and it's likely true that overall people are wearing less makeup while they are at home more. I personally am feeling a little uninspired with my makeup right now and stress can tend to wreck havoc on my skin, so I'm trying to use this time to get back in to a better masking routine!

And really, who couldn't use a fun mask right about now?! "Aren't you sweet?" is one of Minnie Mouse's catchphrases and that's how I felt wearing this mask! 

Mad Beauty Disney Minnie Magic Face Mask

Mad Beauty Disney Minnie Magic Face Mask ~ £3.99/$5.48 US. Revitalise your skin, whilst transforming into this beloved  mouse. Minnie keeps her youthful appearance even after 90 years of show business, and you can too with our  Minnie Magic Strawberry Sheet Mask. 

I love Minnie Mouse and I thought this mask would just help cheer me up while wearing this! The "Minnie Magic" is a whole line that includes bath bombs and body mists all in a strawberry scent! 

Mad Beauty Disney Minnie Magic Face Mask

To use this mask start with a clean, dry face and apply mask, and Mad Beauty suggests to wear this mask for 10-12 minutes and then remove mask and rinse off excess. 

But, I personally tend to wear softening and hydrating masks for as long as possible (this is different for a clarifying mask or something); but, otherwise give me all the benefits of the mask essence! And, this one wore on me for 40 minutes! Also, I don't rinse off the excess essence from these hydrating masks - I pat them in to my skin. This mask has niacinamide - let that absorb in to your skin! (Of course, I'm no professional just an enthusiast, just saying that I like to try and stretch out my benefits! 

Mad Beauty Disney Minnie Magic Face Mask

I actually thought the fit of this mask was really good! Some of the other Mad Beauty masks I've tried have been incredibly big to wear and this one was a fair bit smaller! I think the printing is so vibrant and it's good - you can clearly tell that I am Minnie Mouse. Also, this has a light artificial strawberry scent and I happen to like it! 

I did wear this for 40 minutes and there was just a little bit of essence left to massage in to my skin - I was impressed with the wear time for a printed mask. My skin felt nice and soft after wearing this and it was still super smooth the next morning!

Mad Beauty Disney Minnie Magic Face Mask

In addition to the Magic Minnie line, Mad Beauty also has this original Minnie Face Mask that is made with rose water for calming the skin, but the print is the exact same as the Minnie Magic line!  

Mad Beauty Disney Minnie Magic Face Mask

This was such a fun mask to do and as a Disney fan, I absolutely love the print and was impressed by the results of this one! 


  1. Awwww, so adorable! I tend to wear masks around 25 minutes? I've gotten a little impatient over time LOL

    1. Hahaha it always depends what I'm doing - if I'm getting ready for bed it's less time, but if I remember to do my skincare earlier and watch a show, then I can stretch out my wear time@