Tuesday, February 26, 2019

February 2019 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

I always have to say that subscription boxes just hold a special place on this blog for me - they are really why I started blogging in the first place! While I don't subscribe frequently to subscriptions anymore, when one catches my eye, I have to try it out and let you know my thoughts! 

February 2019 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

Tribe Beauty Box is a new subscription to me and I haven't seen much about it; but when I saw a sneak peeked that the Suva Beauty Saffron palette was going to be included in boxes, I jumped on it immediately (some boxes this month will receive the Suva Beauty Block Party palette; however, those we sold out by my sign up time). I have been eyeing this palette for a little bit after seeing some great reviews, so if I can get a whole box of products for the same price of the palette I'm in!

Tribe Beauty Box is a bi-monthly subscription, so it ships every 2 months and is $34.99 US + $6.99 shipping to Canada (it is available internationally, with prices varying per country). I believe there are 10% discount codes around, so you can save a little when you sign up (I used one for this order), or if you use my referral link here, you can save 10% as well - of course, no obligation to use this one. 

February 2019 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

I was surprised reviewing Tribe Beauty Boxes site that they are based in Ontario, Canada as everything is priced in US dollars; but, then it made sense why they are featuring a few Canadian brands in here! I always love finding a Canadian subscription, and I didn't even know it was when I subscribed! They also focus on sending you beauty brands beyond the big brands and I think that's great! 

The box includes a product card and the February 2019 is a collaboration with Porcelain, who I didn't really know; but, she is a beauty youtuber, so good for her! Here is a look at the products inside the box:

February 2019 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

Suva Beauty Saffron Palette ~ $44.00 CAN ($35.00 US). A warm tone 9 shade eyeshadow palette with luxurious formulas reminiscent of the world's most desirable spices. 

Isn't this palette delicious?! I have to say, this is really the reason I wanted to try this box and it did not disappoint! I really was planning on picking this up, so to get it with a few other goodies is amazing! I have heard really good things about Suva Beauty and they are a Canadian brand, so I'm glad they are getting a feature in this! 

February 2019 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

Maskeraide Beauty Rest'ore ~ $7.00 CAN & Maskeraide Detox Diva ~ $7.00 CAN. MaskerAide hydrating sheet masks are made from TENCEL®. Tencel is an advanced non-woven 100% biodegradable cellulosic fiber. It combines enhanced performance with purity, smoothness and absorbency.

I have heard so many good things about MaskerAide masks and I'm so excited to give these a try - I've picked up a couple other masks from this brand recently too, so you will hear more about them soon! Also, this is a Canadian brand too! 

Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Face Oil ~ $48.00 US. A signature blend of eight powerful yet lightweight beauty oils that instantly restore skin’s youth, balance and glow. 

Wander Beauty has been popping up a few places now, and this is an exciting product to see; because, it's actually not one of the Wander products available on Sephora so it seems newer! Also, the reviews sound really good so I'm excited to try this! 

February 2019 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

Luxie Flawless Eyes Set ~ $30.00 US. Take your party looks to the next level with this professional grade eye brush set. Tackle the most precise winged liners, blend any eye crease. The petite size of this set makes it ideal to travel or on-the-go. 

I've gotten a few Luxie brushes in subscription boxes and I like them. These are little mini brushes, so they look like they will be good for detail work! 

IBY Beauty Liquid Lipstick in "Berry Berry" ~ $12.00 US. Science and luxury come together to make up this long-lasting formula. Highly-pigmented and indulgent, this creamy liquid-to-matte lipstick creates a larger than life smile that’s vivid and lustrous.

This is a pretty liquid lipstick - I think like the Suva palette, this is a product that could have come in a variant, which was just a different colour from the same brand. 

Overall, this box is $42 US (plus exchange to Canadian), and it came with $146 worth of products! I'm so excited about the Suva Beauty palette - I'm going to review it right away! The MaskerAide masks and Wander Beauty face oil are welcome editions and I will use the Luxie brushes. I might use the lipstick; but, it may be passed on as I just have a lot of similar products in my collection. 

I like that this is Canadian company and they feature Canadian brands or smaller, less-known brands! I also like that Tribe Beauty Box is a bi-monthly subscription. This box is sold out now, so they have a wait-list for April. I haven't seen any spoilers yet, so I will decide later if I will renew for then or not! 

February 2019 Tribe Beauty Box - Unboxing and Review

Have you guys tried Tribe Beauty Box before? What did you think of this month's box? 

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  1. Oh wow the content of this box is awesome! I loved the MaskerAide masks that I tried.

    1. Yes! I thought this was such a good subscription - it's been a while since I've opened a subscription and been excited about it!