Saturday, February 23, 2019

Five on Saturday - February 23, 2019

Happy Saturday everyone!!! I hope you all had a great week - my life has been back to normal this week; but, it was nice to have a short week with Family Day last Monday! I know this post is coming in late and I apologize, I'm usually much better at having my posts up early; but, I have lots on the go today! 


I'm so excited that I found a new beauty subscription box to try this month - Tribe Beauty Box. And, I really picked this up because it was included the Suva Beauty Saffron palette that I have seen such good reviews on lately! I can't wait to try it. This is a bi-monthly subscription, and I will post a full unboxing soon!!! 


Today was pretty eventful! I just participated in the Polar Plunge for the 3rd time - this is part of the Law Enforcement Torch Run that raises money for the Alberta Special Olympics. A group of 8 of us from work teamed up and it was absolutely freezing today and so cold; but for a great cause! 


Little Elliott turned 22 months old - I can't believe he is 2 months away from being 2 year old! Holy moly! I know I say it all the time; but, time is just flying by! This little monkey is crazy as ever and I know 2 and beyond will just get crazier; but, he is so darn cute!!! 


I think I just talked about books recently; but, I just finished another one and it was so good! I haven't read any Karen Slaughter before and this was so good - I usually listen to about 1 hour per day on my drives and I finished this 17 hour audiobook in a week! I could not stop listening to it - I had to know the story! I would recommend it. And, if you are a bookworm like me, let's connect on Goodreads - I love seeing what everyone is reading. 


Okay, I am really trying to be good and sticking to my budget each month (I've been a little more strict about implementing a $100 a month beauty budget, to help me appreciate and use my collection!) But, is there ever some new makeup releases to tempt me! 

First, Viseart is releasing 2 more Petit Pro palettes, #4 and #5 - I currently have #1 and #2 (I haven't picked up #3 yet because it's a little more green than I go for; but, it's still on my list!) But, these are both stunning and perfect for Spring - I may need to pick them both up! 

And, holy shit - Urban Decay is releasing a Game of Thrones makeup collection. I'm dying. I'm such a fan of the show and we know it's the final season in April! I can't wait to see what it is!!! Ahhhh!

I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend! 

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  1. I'm not usually one to go for gimmicky special releases but the GOT Urban Decay one HAS. MY. ATTENTION!

    1. I try not to be in to the gimmicky releases (I do like some of them); but, I'm hoping this is going to be amazing!!!