Sunday, May 5, 2019

Skincare Sunday - Soo AE Intensive Neck & Decolletage Mask

Who knew that there are sheet mask made for everywhere on the body other than your face?! I really thought that there was some hand and foot masks; but, did you know that there are mask for you neck and butt?! This month a little group of us are teaming up to feature masks for #AnywhereButTheFace all month! 

Skincare Sunday - Soo AE Intensive Neck & Decolletage Mask
Mask purchased by me - this post contains affiliate links

Soo AE Intensive Neck & Decolletage Mask ~ $3.77 CAN. Soo'Ae's neck mask is shaped to cover your neck and decolletage. Deep moisture and anti-aging ingredients help to restore and improve the look of skin smoothness, firmness and elasticity.

I will be featuring fun body masks all month on my Skincare Sunday posts and you can expect some crazy ones throughout the month because I went down the rabbithole of crazy masks, so I'm starting with a neck and decolletage mask! This mask targets the neck area to improve smoothness and elasticity in that area! 

I'm really intrigued with Soo AE as the are readily available now at Walmarts and I love seeing K-beauty brands that are affordable and accessible! Also, this is a biocellullose mask and it's so affordable, which is amazing to see! 

Skincare Sunday - Soo AE Intensive Neck & Decolletage Mask

So, this applies exactly like a face sheet mask; but, in a different area! To apply this mask, wash your body, unfold mask, and apply to neck area, wear for 15 - 20 minutes, remove mask and pat remaining essence in to skin. 

Skincare Sunday - Soo AE Intensive Neck & Decolletage Mask

This mask came with a whole handful of essence in the package that I applied to my neck and chest before applying the mask. Biocellulose masks are my favorite material - they are so soft and adhere so well. This one was a little tricky to unwrap and apply to the area just given then shape - I also removed both protectant sides a little early so it took me an extra minute to fit this properly! I did also think it would cover a little bit more of my chest area; but, it covers about what the pictures show, I just didn't really know what to expect! 

Once the mask was on, it wore really easily and didn't budge while I was wearing it. Since there was a lot of essence, this mask lasted for about 30 minutes. It was very softening and smoothing on the skin and my neck is an area that I think as I get older I need to focus on more! I'm not sure I noticed a drastic lifting result after one mask; but, I think that would need to be tested using these a little more frequently. And, at just over $3 for a biocellulose mask, if you've been considering a neck mask or want to focus on that area, this would be great to pick up! I think I will be picking up so more of these eventually and think they would be great to incorporate in my masking routine more frequently! 

Skincare Sunday - Soo AE Intensive Neck & Decolletage Mask

Have you ever tried a neck or body mask before?! And for the whole month of May, Jayne from Cosmetic Proof and Chantal from Chantal's Corner and I are teaming up to feature masks for #AnywhereButTheFace - make sure to check out their masks too! 


  1. I've loved all the SooAE masks I tried for the face so I need to try this one!