Saturday, May 18, 2019

Five on Saturday - May 18, 2019

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - again, mine has been super crazy as usual! We finally have a "quiet weekend" ahead, meaning that we don't have any more basketball tournaments or baby birthday parties and we need that! 


Just a reminder that I have my Blogiversary giveaway going on for this Urban Decay Game of Thrones - the giveaway is on until tomorrow night (Sunday night at 11:59 pm) right after the Game of Thrones season finale! 

Make sure you head to the original post here - it's really easy to enter (comment, etc.), nothing crazy! And, while we are on the Game of Thrones topic, are you guys watching the series finale tomorrow night?

I saw these amazing Game of Thrones Oreos and of course I went to and ordered them so I could bring them to a finale party we are going to! 


I recently put in an order from House of Margot for a mask and I ended up picking up this little adorable cat familiar or figurine. It's just a little spirit animal that you can look to when you need some cat spirit for intuition. It is described as "The cat spirit brings intuition, autonomy, and gives access to the supernatural. Cats can see in the dark and are very magnetic and sensual. Your cat talisman can help you remain confident in moments of darkness and overcome challenges with agility." My patronus is a Manx Cat and I love cats, so this seemed perfect! 


This past weekend we spent in Kelowna for my older son Damian's basketball tournament. We had such a great weekend - lots of great ball and fun times with the team, plus I got lots of extra family time and a dinner with a good friend in B.C. We also spent Mother's Day wine touring! 

And, after all that touring, here is the haul of wine, cider and beer that I brought home with me! We only went to 3 places - The View, Spearhead and Meadow Vista! 


Also, while I was in Kelowna I did a little bit of Spring and Summer shopping! 

Old Navy had a 50% off sale of all their dresses, so I got all 4 of these dresses for under $80! They all look really nice too and I can't wait to wear them! 

And, I picked up a couple really comfortable dresses from Joe Fresh at Superstore as well! I'm such a sucker for dresses - that's all I will wear all Summer! 


And, here is a look at the last 4 Palettes of the week that I've been using - ColourPop You Had Me At Hello, Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly, Urban Decay Game of Thrones, and Lorac Mega Pro 1 palette. I really liked them all and my week's with them were really good! 

I hope you all have a great weekend - if you have a long weekend like me, enjoy the extra day off and hope you like the Season Finale of Game of Thrones! 


  1. I'm watching Game of Thrones. I like a lot of the different characters.Game of Thrones palette: the sight.

  2. Love the Thrones palette excellent