Saturday, May 11, 2019

Skincare Saturday - Bawdy Shake It Butt Sheet Mask

Who knew there were so many crazy body sheet masks out there to try?! I love finding fun and crazy sheet masks to test out and this week's is pretty out there - it's a sheet mask for your butt! 

Skincare Saturday - Bawdy Shake It Butt Sheet Mask
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Bawdy Shake It Butt Sheet Mask ~ $11.00 CAN/$9.00 USSheet masks for your butt—two separate sheets, one for each cheek—formulated with marine algae to firm your behind, give it an instant glow, and visually sculpt your cheeks—leaving your skin plump, dewy, and perfectly hydrated.

Bawdy beauty is all about focusing on the butt - the most neglected area of the body and they created this butt beauty category that didn't exist before. Bawdy really believes in clean beauty and only makes products with clean, non-toxic formulas that are free of harmful chemicals to product you, your hormonal balance and the environment. 

Skincare Saturday - Bawdy Shake It Butt Sheet Mask

I didn't even know butt masks were really a thing until we starting talking about thing #AnywhereButTheFace mask challenge for the month of May! 

Bawdy has a couple of different butt mask formulas: Bite It for hydrating and toning, Shake It for Firming and Illuminating, Slap It for retexturing and detoxifying, and Squeeze It for brightening and rejuvenating. 

I chose "Shake It" which uses plant based collagen to tone, firm and plump, chamomile for soothing and antibacterial purposes, blue algae for anti-oxidizing, and oat extract to firm your butt! 

Skincare Saturday - Bawdy Shake It Butt Sheet Mask

This mask is pretty similar to a face sheet mask in use, only apply it to your butt cheeks! Apply the mask to a clean butt, try to align the sheet mask with the top line of your butt, wear for 10-15 minutes, remove mask, and massage remaining essence in to skin. It's also easy to remember to apply the "It" to your right cheek and the other word to your left - I think it's absolutely hilarious that this mask says Shake It as you wear it! 

Skincare Saturday - Bawdy Shake It Butt Sheet Mask

I was a little worried about how this mask would fit on my as I have a pretty decent size butt - I did think it fit alright. My cheeks are a little round so I found the mask fit well; but, was easiest to wear just lying down on my stomach. I'm not sure that I could have walked around with it on. It covered the cheeks pretty well and I had no problem lying down and relaxing for the 20 minutes that they wore for! 

It was very cooling actually - that was the first thing I noticed about this mask. It was cooling while wearing it and for a couple of hours afterwards as well. I thought this mask was super smoothing and softening after use - it's a little harder to tell if my butts instantly firmer or brighter; but, it felt better! I thought it was really fun and could totally see myself using one of these again - especially if there is a special event coming up! 

Skincare Saturday - Bawdy Shake It Butt Sheet Mask

Would you try a butt mask?! For the whole month of May, Jayne from Cosmetic Proof and Chantal from Chantal's Corner and I are teaming up to feature masks for #AnywhereButTheFace - make sure to check out their masks too! 


  1. Oh this mask does not stay on if you try to walk around, BUT(T) it did make my skin feel super soft!

    1. Hahaha no moving at all - and I totally agree, it was very softening!