Thursday, May 23, 2019

My Top Setting Sprays to Make My Makeup Last

Something I don't talk much about on here, is setting sprays! I've just used the same staple products for quite a while because they work really well for me! So why haven't I shared them here?! Time to change that! 

My Top Setting Sprays to Make My Makeup Last
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I have 4 current go-to setting sprays that I use all the time and I have a couple of different uses for them! I have 2 sprays that I prefer using for day wear or as my prep step, and 2 that I prefer to use for special events or all day and nights! 

Just because I'm talking about my go-tos doesn't mean I'm not open to trying more and expanding my setting sprays; but, I'm pretty picking in what I need for an actual setting spray that holds my makeup in place. I can't with the skincare mists that have been used as a "setting spray" - I'm all about that life for a refresher spray; but, when I'm talking about a setting spray, I mean my makeup better not move! 

My Top Setting Sprays to Make My Makeup Last

These are my top go-to setting sprays for day wear! I use one of these every day - even for work days. But, these are lighter formulas so if I have a special event (think outdoor wedding or I'm out and about for the whole day and night), I will layer my setting sprays and use one of these and the base, nourishing layer! 

Morphe Continuous Setting Mist ~ $20.00 CAN. A setting mist to defend your makeup artistry. 

This is the newest setting spray that I've tried and I picked it up in December of last year. I absolutely love the continuous mist of this - it delivers the most amazing, light and even spray. There is not a chance that this ends up with a water spot or blob on your face; it's just a really fine, delicate application. This does keep my makeup last easily for the work day; but, it is a very dewy mist! So, it's not amazing alone for day and night wear with my combination skin that tends to produce oil, especially if I'm outdoors in the heat or out of the house for 10+ hours! If you have dry skin, this would probably work just fine for you in any of the situations easily! 

Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ ~ $33.00 CAN for full size (mini size shown here). A lightweight water mist that finishes makeup, while gently soothing and refreshing skin. 

This is certainly the most versatile product of all 4 setting sprays - it's also really good as a primer and a refresher in addition to a setting spray! This is just such an easy daily setting spray and it's perfect for day wear for me. I also love these little minis because I can throw these in my purse and keep my makeup fresh throughout the day! 

My Top Setting Sprays to Make My Makeup Last

These are the heavy-weights of my setting sprays - these will make my makeup last all day and night, in the heat, and for special events for I expect nothing to move at all! I would easily use both of these alone for a full day and night event; but, I also like these layered over top of the other sprays for extra insurance! 

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ~ $42.00 CAN. A weightless setting spray that keeps makeup looking just-applied for up to 16 hours.

This is probably the biggest cult-favorite setting spray and there is a good reason for that! It is a solid setting spray formula! You know when you use this that your makeup will not budge - Urban Decay likes to share the most extreme reviews like "I got a drink thrown at me and my makeup lasted" or "this kept my make on through 22 hour flights and soccer games, etc." I don't have any crazy stories about this; but, this is just a solid setting spray that keeps everything in place and makeup looking great for the long haul! 

Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray - Bridal ~ $29.00 US for 4 oz. or $39.00 US for 8 oz. Our ultra-fine mist spray has patented technology designed to resist the effect of excess moisture and help keep makeup flawless all day and all night.

This is my personal holy grail of the bunch - I bought this for my wedding almost 4 years ago after hearing rave reviews and I didn't know what setting spray my makeup artist was going to have. I didn't want to risk my makeup melting off as I was having an outdoor wedding in August. And, this totally delivered! My makeup looked flawless all day and all night, through dancing, sweating, etc. This is said to be sweat-proof, cry-proof and kiss-proof! Also, it finishes the skin really nicely in to a gentle matte look with no sheen! 

My Top Setting Sprays to Make My Makeup Last

I'm a little envious when I hear someone say they don't need a setting spray! With combination skin and an oily t-zone I need something that will help make my makeup last! 

What are your favorite setting sprays? I'd love to try some new ones! 


  1. I love Skindinavia and UD too! The Morphe spray is on my wish list, I like the idea of a super fine mist. I didn't know it has a very dewy finish though, maybe I will wait and see if they create a matte version? lol

    1. I love the super fine mist of Morphe and I would buy 10 of them if they made a matte version!!!!