Friday, May 3, 2019

April 2019 What I Bought - Monthly Haul!

Time for a look at everything I picked up this month - I really love these Monthly Haul posts - they give me a way to share everything I pick up each month as I don't always post about everything I get!

Plus, this year I think these posts will hold me a little more accountable - I put myself on a  $100 a month budget, not because I need to; it's actually more to test myself and be more conscious about what I purchase. I also really want to make sure that I'm enjoying and using everything on my collection! (I certainly don't expect myself to be perfect each month with my budget; but, I really like knowing I'm thinking my purchases through!)

Everything was purchased by me

Shoppers Haul ~ $3.88 CAN. Oh ya, you read that right! I've mentioned here before that I'm rather obsessed with PC Optimum points - I've always shopped at Superstore and am a member to the PC Insiders for free grocery pick up, etc. But, there is something so fulfilling about getting all this stuff for free!

Anyways, I picked up some Pixi and St. Ives masks that I've wanted to try, plus a neck mask from Rodial (for our May masking). And, these Life wipes were really affordable so I thought I'd check them out. Also, I've heard great things about the Essence liquid eyeshadows and am in need of a new Banana powder soon, so instead of picking up my usual NYX I thought I'd give this one a try! 

Amazon Order ~ $22.85 CAN. I have looked everywhere near me trying to find these Jelly Belly + Sally Hansen polishes with no luck, so I finally a ordered the three I wanted from amazon! I picked up Strawberry Cheesecake, Tutti Frutti and and Peach. I love the finish of these and will swatch them on here soon! 

SooAE Masks ~ $5.74 CAN. I was looking for some Masks for May where we are featuring masks for "Anywhere But The Face" and came across this SooAE Neck and Decolletage mask at Walmart, plus I love Turmeric so I thought I'd test this out too!  

Urban Decay Game of Thrones Order ~ $105.00 CAN. Alright, this order put me over budget and I was totally reasonable with picking up only what I will use! I picked up the Eyeshadow palette and the Vice Lipstick in Sansa, all of which I've reviewed already here! I was eyeing the highlight palette as well; but, did pass as it may have been too dark for me, but I think this is a great collection! 

And, I had a small order of $21.00 from Urban Outfitters for a butt masks and some pimple patches; but, it has yet to arrive! 

So, in April I spent $158.47 which to me is only slightly over my budget and I was very thoughtful about what I picked up! 

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