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October 2018 - Monthly Empties + Month in Masks

Time to look at my monthly Makeup Garbage! 

October 2018 - Monthly Empties + Month in Masks

Quo by ORLY Instant Artist White Polish ~ $13.60 CAN. Bring out your inner creativity with Orly Instant Artist Crisp White Lacquer Based Nail Lacquer and take your designs to the next level.

This was a really good nail art polish, but why is it almost $14 now?! Also, where did nail art polishes go at the drugstore?! I've been to a few and can't find them so I might have to pay to get this one again! 
Repurchase: Likely 

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer ~ sample (full size is $16.00, $42.00 or $64.00 CAN). A professional balm that minimizes the appearance of pores. 

This certainly isn't my favorite primer - I don't mind it, I just don't love it. I think if it's used only in targeted spots then it's good. I just like using it around my nose and pores on my cheeks but that's it - if I only use it there, then it's really good! 
Repurchase: Nah, not likely but I have a few samples to get through

Clinique Lash Power Flutter To Full Mascara ~ $30.00 CAN. This is a custom-volume mascara to dial up your lash look from fluttery to full-on volumized, with a twist of the barrel, its steps up your lash looks.

I'm quite torn about this mascara - it made my lashes look really full and gorgeous! But, it also made my lashes really hard and crunchy, so I did like that. I also didn't notice a difference between the 3 "settings". This doesn't look like it's available anymore, so I that helps me decide if I want it again or not! 
Repurchase: It's not available... 

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Lip Shimmer in "Fig" ~ $6.99 CAN. Give your lips a smooch of luminescent colour and a whole lot of softening.

This adds a really pretty red shade to the lips; but, does come with the slightest bit of gritty feeling with the shimmer. I really liked this overall, but I prefer the shade Peony as it's a little more natural than this really red colour on me.
Repurchase: Maybe 

October 2018 - Monthly Empties + Month in Masks

Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying Daily Skin Booster ~ $39.95. Give your skin a daily boost of strength. 

This is AMAZING! Amazing! It is officially a holy grail products and I've done a full review of this booster - you can see my thoughts here; it also made my Monthly Favorites in August last year and it also made my 2017 Yearly Skincare Favorites! This has just done wonders for my skin - I think it has totally improved my skin's strength, hydration, and appearance. It is just amazing.
Repurchase: Yes, I need to (I have repurchased this multiple times before!)

IOPE Essential Facial Oil ~ $88.18 CAN. Restores oil and moisture balance of skin without stuffy feeling of oil.

I love this oil - I just find it so hydrating on the skin! It is one of the only full size oils that I have ever repurchased (it made my Monthly Favorites in Jan 2016) - and I did find it for a much more affordable price. It was easier to find a couple of years ago, I can't find it for a good price right now! But, it is really great as an every night oil for strengthening and rehydrating the skin! 
Repurchase: Maybe, if I find it at a better price! 

Ren Clean Skincare Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion ~ deluxe sample (full size is $52.00 CAN). A water-activated hyaluronic acid formula that plumps and smooths while delivering essential moisture. 

I thought this was okay - I didn't notice anything drastic in terms of fine lines disappearing or my skin being plumped after using this. It was fine - it was hydrating on the skin, but maybe not worth the cost for me personally.
Repurchase: No

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum ~ sample shown (full size is $59.00 CAN). An oil-free serum packed with hyaluronic acid to treat dehydration and irritation.

Another product that was just good to me - this worked well and hydrated the skin and there is nothing wrong with it persay. I just personally have other serums that I have liked better. I think I found I had to use a bit more of this than I would with some other serums for a really hydrated look. 
Repurchase: Not likely 

Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser ~ sample shown (full size is $34.00 CAN). A natural, soap-free foaming cleanser packed with antioxidants to gently cleanse, purify, and soften skin. 

This was a good foaming cleanser - I always use foaming cleansers as my second cleansing step at night time as a follow up to an oil cleanser and this worked well for that purpose. It removed the remainder of my makeup and I thought it was non-drying which is sometimes a problem in foaming cleansers. 
Repurchase: Maybe... 

The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Daily Repair Moisturizer ~ $32.00 CAN. A low-irritant moisturizer that calms sensitive skin and protects skin damaged by the external environment.

I reviewed this in the past and you can see my thoughts here and it also made my favorites in July last year. It's just a really gentle moisturizer that's managed to work for my skin when it was much drier, through pregnancy and post-baby when my skin went very oily, and now it's great for my combo skin! Anyways, what I mean is that this is really good every day moisturizer and it is gentle for all skin types and not heavy at all. 
Repurchase: Yes, I will when I need to get a moisturizer again... 

October 2018 - Monthly Empties + Month in Masks

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser Skin-Transforming Hydrating Cleansing Serum ~ sample (full size is $36.00 CAN). A revolutionary one-step skincare solution to cleanse and hydrate while leaving skin feeling soft and refreshed.

This was a creamy cleanser and I thought it did a good job - personally I didn't think that it removed my makeup well or left my skin really hydrated without needing a moisturizing. But, I also don't expect it to do those things either - I always use a makeup remover and a moisturizer so I don't expect my makeup to do those things either. Anyways, this was pretty good. 
Repurchase: Maybe 

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask ~ deluxe sample (full size is $221.81 CAN). Black Rose Cream Mask or, Masque Crème à la Rose Noire, is a cream mask specifically formulated to instantly provide the skin with a youthful and energized look.

This is a really good mask - it's an easy leave on mask, wear for 10-15 minutes and rinse off (or you can apply a thick layer and leave it on overnight). I've use it both ways and I like it. It really leaves the skin so hydrated and smooth - it's very good. But, damn that price! Yikes. It's good, but, I can't justify that cost on a mask. 
Repurchase: Not likely 

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme ~ $14.95 US. A more potent version of our bestselling glycolic fix pads, these extreme night pads contain our highest level of glycolic acid at 5%.

I will just make this short and simple - I love these pads. I only need to use these once or twice a week and they are just just gentle on the skin but keep it smooth and clear. You can check out my full review here; but, I was sad getting to the end of this container! 
Repurchase: I need to! 

Graydon Skincare Keto Cleanse ~ sample shown (full size is $28.00 US). A pre-cleansing oil that breaks down make up and impurities effortlessly while leaving skin hydrated and glowing.

This had an interesting texture and it has a few little chunky types of oil in it - the texture was just fine when it went on the skin. It worked well to remove makeup and was gentle on the skin. 
Repurchase: Maybe 

Skin Inc. Chlorella Serum ~ sample (full size is $46.00 CAN). A serum that reduces the appearance of dark spots and dullness for a clearer, brighter complexion.

These serums are meant to mix and blend with other formulas and that is how I have been using this - I just add a drop or two in with any other nightly serum I use. I tend not to use brightening serums during the day as they can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. This was okay. I do have other serums I enjoy more for brightening. 
Repurchase: Probably not 

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream ~ sample shown (full size is $75.00 CAN). A moisturizer that rescues dry, dull skin while delivering a steady dose of barrier moisture.

This was quite a heavy moisturizer - I couldn't use it on my combination skin during the day; but, I did enjoy it as a night time moisturizer. I have heard good things overall about Drunk Elephant, but this just wasn't the best for my skin type. 
Repurchase: No

Cerave Skin Renewing Cream Serum ~ sample (full size is $24.99 CAN). Reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles without irritation.

This was a cream serum and I thought that it worked well during the day. Again, it's another that it's bad, I just have other products that I like better. I liked the creamy texture and it was hydrating. I didn't notice anything about my lines or wrinkles being reduced.  
Repurchase: Not likely 

October 2018 - Monthly Empties + Month in Masks

Johnson's Head To Toe Baby Wash ~ $5.97 CAN. Gentle enough for newborns and good for the whole family, Johnson's Head-to-Toe Wash and Shampoo helps make bath time bonding time with your baby.

This isn't really my empty - it's Elliott's; but, I do actually use baby shampoo for my makeup brushes (i'm just using a different one currently). This one worked well for E - no complaints.
Repurchase: Yes 

Lush Rose Jam Naked Shower Gel ~ sample shown. 

Rose Jam is delightful smell and this must be an old sample because it does not appear to be available in a naked shower gel anymore! I always save these samples for travelling so that's what I used this for. It was good!
Repurchase: It's not available! 

Nivea Nourishing Care Cream ~ sample (full size is $12.97 CAN). Give your skin the intensive nourishment it needs without leaving any greasy feeling with new NIVEA Care, an effective yet fast-absorbing moisturize.

I got these in Topbox Circle and it was a good lotion - the scent isn't my favorite; but, it worked well. Also, these little pods are handy for travelling! 
Repurchase: Maybe 

Pharmacopia Verbena Body Wash ~ sample.

This is a hotel sample and this one smells really good and worked well!
Repurchase: No

Exact Moisturizing Shave Gel ~ $2.00. Raspberry scent with vitamin E and aloe. 

I'm not picky when it comes to shave gel - I buy whatever is on sale. This was good - it served it's purpose.
Repurchase: Likely, if it's the best price in the store

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes ~ $8.27 for 25. Our Cleansing Facial Wipes refresh and nourish your skin plus remove waterproof mascara.

I didn't think that these worked great on eye makeup in general, but again I rarely use wipes for eye makeup as I find they pull too much. These worked well for everything else. 
Repurchase: Eh, probably not

Crest 3D White Radiant Mint Whitening Toothpaste ~ $6.49. Brighten your smile with Crest 3D White Radiant Mint Whitening Toothpaste. 

Toothpaste - not exciting. I'm not picky about what we use, usually some type of whitening type! 
Repurchase: Yes

October 2018 - Monthly Empties + Month in Masks

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Mini Travel Size ~ $4.77 CAN. This hair hero is the perfect quick fix for great looking hair between washes.

I know this is a pretty cult classic dry shampoo; but, it's just okay to me. It works pretty good - but the white cast is strong. I have to use this before bed so it can absorb all night so I have no white cast. 
Repurchase: Maybe... 

Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Conditioner & Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo ~ samples shown (full size are $3.99 each).

I like travel size shampoos and I love the smell of these products. I thought these worked good - they were nourishing without weighing my hair down and they were pretty good.
 I would use them again but am not running out to the store to repurchase asap. 
Repurchase: Probably not buy again, but would use again

Boo Bamboo Strengthening Shampoo & Boo Bamboo Strengthen & Shine Conditioner ~ samples shown (full size are $9.99 each). 

I have been impressed with the Boo Bamboo products that I have tried and I really liked these! The scent is great and it made my hair look and feel so good! I actually have a review with a few other shampoos coming up soon! 
Repurchase: Yes, I would

Colab Paradise Invisible Dry Shampoo ~ $9.99 CAN. COLAB's Paradise fragrance Dry Shampoo gives hair an instant wow-factor with feel-good flamingo vibes and a totally tropical, coconut scent. Transport yourself to faraway shores whatever the weather!

I really liked this dry shampoo - you can see my full thoughts here if you are interested. I love the scent and this has no white cast at all! Really great formula! I did found that I used this one much faster than I normally would though - i'm not sure if that's me or the product itself. 
Repurchase: Yes! 

October 2018 - Monthly Empties + Month in Masks

Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar ~ $11.95 CAN. Soften tangled locks and add oceans of shine with this mineral-rich, volumizing shampoo bar. 

So, I really like the formula of this shampoo bar - I found it to be great for my flat hair, I didn't need dry shampoo the next day, which is always impressive. It lathers really nicely and cleans my hair so well - it does make my hair look so good, clean and volumized! But, it isn't great for my colour treated hair - I did notice when I went to my hairdressers that my hair was more faded than before using this (total bummer!)
Repurchase: Sadly, probably not 

The Sunshine Shop Licorice Love Bar Soap ~ $4.99 CAN. Everyone loves liquorice with a hint of grapefruit and orange.

I love handmade soaps and I picked this one up at a craft fair last year - it smelt amazing, I love licorice! But, the scent did not last past the first or second use sadly. The soap itself worked well but I'm all about the scent! 
Repurchase: No

October 2018 - Monthly Empties + Month in Masks

Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb ~ $? 

This came in a big set a while back and it smelled like blackberry - I love berry scents, so it worked well for me.
Repurchase: I can't! 

Lush Eyeball Bath Bomb ~ $7.95 CAN. Its fabulously floral blend of lavender, rose and ylang ylang oils combine to create a supremely soothing aroma. 

I love the relaxing scent that they put with this fun eyeball Halloweeny bomb! Obviously I love anything Halloween and Lush always does amazing with their Halloween collections!
Repurchase: We'll see what Lush comes up with next year! 

Lush Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb ~ $7.95 CAN. This slippery stuff isn't just for show, though: it's made from nutritious, skin-softening seaweed, so you'll emerge from your soak feeling spookily silky.

The jelly bombs are really cool and kind of leave this weird jelly layer on top of the bath; but, it is really softening to the skin! This smelled good too! 
Repurchase: Maybe! 

So, in October I used up 35 products! That's pretty impressive! I love getting through products - even if they are sample sizes! Those need to be used too! 

And, now for the masks I used this month:

October 2018 - Monthly Empties + Month in Masks

Apto Healing Turmeric Mask ~ $16.00 US (deluxe sample shown here). Detoxify and clear pores with this effective yet lightweight mask. Suitable for any skin type to treat blemishes, breakouts and rosacea flare ups.

I have used this previously as a full face mask too - you can see my full detailed review on this mask here! I did think this helped reduced spots and it helped the healing process!
Repurchase: Maybe, will keep using first! 

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask ~ deluxe sample (full size is $221.81 CAN). Black Rose Cream Mask or, Masque Crème à la Rose Noire, is a cream mask specifically formulated to instantly provide the skin with a youthful and energized look.

See all my thoughts above in the empties section! 

Memebox I Dew Care Space Kitten ~ A charcoal, topaz, and diamond powder infused peel-off mask shimmers with royal blue glitter for an out-of-this-world galactic black look. 

So, this was the most painful mask I have ever used - if you've watched the videos of people crying while peeling off masks, that's what this was like. It was unreal - I will never use this again. If you want a more detailed review plus 2 other masks from the brand, you can check out my full thoughts here
Repurchase: NEVER

It's Skin The Fresh Mask Sheet Carrot ~ $5.38 CAN. Recharges skin with refreshing moisture and nutrients, infused with fresh ingredients from the nature to resolve skin concerns.

This lasted about 30 minutes on my face and it was quite good! My skin was super smooth and soft after using this and the next morning my skin was visibly brighter and my blemishes were reduced! 
Repurchase: I would like too! 

October 2018 - Monthly Empties + Month in Masks

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask ~ $3.14 CAN. First step for glowing skin, gold complex's multiple extracts moisturize and sooth skin with mild ingredients. 

These masks are so highly reviewed and I can see why - it's really hydrating and moisturizing and just leaves the skin feeling so good! I will keep my review brief because I will write a full review on this soon! 
Repurchase: Yes! 

The Face Shop Bio-cell Brightening Face Mask ~ $4.00 CAN. This brightening mask features a naturally adhesive bio-cellulose sheet and a hydrating serum containing Glutathione to give you a bright, healthy complexion.

I really like the formula of these bio-cell masks - this one fit really good. Usually, bio-cellulose masks fit like a glove and this one was a little loose around the nose and chin. This wore for about 20 minutes and really hydrated the skin! Did my skin look a little brighter after? Sure - it was good overall.
Repurchase: Probably! 

Glamglow We Know Glow Kit Gravity Mud Mask ~ $38.00 CAN for the set with a Becca highlighter! The innovative formula peels off to leave skin looking tighter and more lifted.

This is a super pink mask and I've talked about this formula a bunch on my website - I will review this kit though as well! It is a good mask - Glamglow masks are expensive, but I do think the formulas are really good! 
Repurchase: Maybe... 

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask ~ sample size (full size is 100 ml for $112.00). Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask with advanced antioxidants is a hydrating treatment that immediately reveals softer, firmer, healthier-looking skin. 

This is a leave on mask and it has a really great texture - it is light and velvety and feels so smooth on the skin! This smells amazing and made my skin look really good! I loved this! I reviewed this for a Skincare Sunday post a while ago - you an see the detailed review here
Repurchase: Maybe, but why so expensive?! Damn... 

October 2018 - Monthly Empties + Month in Masks

Papa Recipe Bombee Black Honey Mask ~ $3.86 CAN. Enriched ingredients, intensive moisturizing effect. Makes glowing and moisturizing skin. 

Along with the previous Papa Recipe mask is delightful - I love the black masks. They are super hydrating and really great for the skin! I will review these soon! 
Repurchase: Yes

Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch ~ $?

These were nothing special - they worked okay, but I didn't see any visible results.

The Face Shop Real Nature Face Mask Blueberry~ $3.00 CAN. The Blueberry Real Nature Face Mask leaves skin soft and toned. Soothing blueberry extract helps restore skin's suppleness and vitality.

I always say these are my easy go-to masks - $3 is so affordable and they are accessible. The fit is quite big but is manageable. Overall my skin felt soft and hydrated after this.
Repurchase: Likely

Beauty Clinic Mediheal - Pumpkin Ade Mask ~ $1.99. This autumn squash sheet is beneficial to skin’s moisture providing the freshness and effectiveness to add nutrition of skin with the synergy effect of concentrated essence.

This is more earthy smelling than pumpkiny - it did make my skin bright and hydrated! I've done a more detailed review on this mask last year, if you want to check it out here
Repurchase: Probably! 

SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask ~ $1.50 - $5. Strengthens the vitality of skin, minimizes wrinkles and prevents the appearance of age. Softens rough skin, moisturizes and gives a healthy glow. 

This mask is fine - it's past it's expiry date so it's a little dry and maybe doesn't last as long as it's used to but it still added moisture and made me look like a tiger! 
Repurchase: Mmm... Maybe.. 

So, in addition to all the products I've used up - I also used 13 masks which is good - I'm still getting back in to the masking game! 

How did you do on your empties this month? 

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