Monday, November 19, 2018

Manicure Monday - Night Sky Constellation Nails + Essence "Out Of Space Stories" Polish Swatches

Happy Manicure Monday! I have been wanting to do a Night Sky themed manicure with constellations for quite some time, so I'm so excited for this week's manicure! 

Manicure Monday - Night Sky Constellation Nails

When I picked up a few of these Essence "Out Of Space Stories" polishes, I new this was the perfect time to do a Night Sky manicure! In addition to this manicure look, I also am swatching four of the polishes from the collection (and I used them all in this Night Sky mani)! 

So, this week's theme for our #CBBxManiMonday is "Night Sky", so make sure you check out Jayne from Cosmetic Proof, Trysh from Prairie Beauty Love, and Eithne of Tea & Nail Polish to see their take on our weekly theme! 

Essence Out of Space Stories polishes

Before, I get in to the details of my manicure, I will swatch these beautiful polishes from the Essence Out Of Space Stories polishes - I picked up four from the collection. The collection is described as "out of this world! holographic, iridescent and metallic nail polishes in bright colors for an inter-galactic effect." These are $3.99 CAN each and can be found at your local drugstore (and online at Shoppers!). 

Essence Out of Space Stories polishes ~ Outta Space is the Place

Outta Space Is The Place ~ light pink with a soft green shimmer 

This is a really pretty polish - it needed 3 coats and was a little streaky; but, a gorgeous shade! 

Essence Out of Space Stories polishes ~ Across the Universe

Across The Universe ~ a grey, purple, pinkish green duochrome polish

This is again 3 coats of the polish and is still a bit streaky on me. I thought this polish looked beautiful in the bottle; but, it's a little more grey based then I like on! 

Essence Out of Space Stories polishes ~ Mermaid of the Galaxy

Mermaid of the Galaxy ~ sky blue teal shimmer 

This is new shade in the line and it's such a stunning teal blue! It will be so perfect for Spring and Summer! This is two coats of the polish, and this one was less streak than the first two. 

Essence Out of Space Stories polishes ~ Intergalactic Adventure

Intergalactic Adventure ~ blue purple duochrome 

Ooooh - I don't have a lot of polishes like this in my collection and it's really pretty - this one applied well and opaque with two coats. 

Night Sky Constellation Nails

And, for my Night Sky manicure - I used all four polishes, with Intergalactic Adventure as the base polish! They all worked really well together for this manicure! 

Night Sky Constellation Nails

For this manicure look I used:
-Essence polishes
-Ciate polish in Celestial (chunky silver glitter polish)
-Teeez cosmetics Pretty in Pyrite (gold polish)
Formula X nail cleanser, base coat and top coat
-Maniology (formerly Bundle monster) x Nina Nailed It gold stickers 
-Scratch gold accents
-tools - dotting tool and makeup sponge 

Night Sky Constellation Nails

For this manicure, I started with Intergalactic Adventure as the base polish. Then I added a really light coat of the Ciate silver glitter polish just for a very light coat of chunky glitter. Then I took a couple of star and moon stickers and added one on to each nail. 

Then I took Outta Space is the Place, Across the Universe, and Mermaid of the Galaxy one at a time with a makeup sponge and sponged them on the my nails one at a time. With a dotting tool and gold polish, I added a constellation to each nail! Let dry and apply top coat! 

Night Sky Constellation Nails

Fun fact, I tried to create a constellation on each nail! 
-pinky finger is Cepheus
-ring finger is Cassiopeia 
-middle finger is the Big Dipper 
-pointer finger is Scorpio
-thumb is Cancer 

Overall, I'm loving these polishes and I love how the Night Sky mani turned out! 

Night Sky Constellation Nails

Again, make sure you check out Cosmetic Proof, Prairie Beauty Love, and Tea & Nail Polish to see their take on "Night Sky" for their manis this week! 

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  1. Oh man - when I was polish hunting yesterday, I wish I would have thought of these polishes! Good call!

    1. Ah yes - such a good find for this! I've been holding on to them for this type of nails for a while!

  2. I am so sad that my local Shoppers has stopped carrying Essence! What perfect polishes for our Night Sky theme!

    1. Oh that sucks! I find my local Superstore has really upped their Essence collection lately!