Saturday, November 10, 2018

Five on Saturday - November 10, 2018

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all had a great week - I am very happy that we have a long weekend this weekend! I looking forward to an extra day at home! 


I love finding new subscription boxes! I discovered the My Mani Box by Beautometry - and the theme for this October box was "Fanstastic Beasts" and I was very intrigued because I'm looking forward to that movie! The My Mani Box is $35.00 US a month plus + $5 shipping to Canada. (It worked out to $53.28 CAN). 

For the subscription, you can pick for long or short nails and you will receive 2 MoYou London stamping plates, 1 stamping accessory, and additional nail products (1-3 more items!). 

For the October, the box came with 3 MoYou London stamping plates, one is a Halloween one I had my eye on, but I got this after Halloween! The other 2 are the MoYou London Enchanted line that has lots of animals - I love that we got 3 plates; but, I really wish the 2 animal plates just had more variety! I was hoping for something a little more mystical beastish - dragons, etc. It also came with a stamper, scraper, brush, top coat and magnetic polish! It certainly came with lots of products and I like that. 


It was my birthday this week - happy 32nd to me! And, I never want much for my birthday (my husband might disagree); but, in addition to the ColourPop Disney Princess goodies I requested, I also got a few Lush Christmas goodies! And, the family knows me well - wine, makeup bag, and gift cards are always much appreciated! 


And, because it was my Birthday week - did you catch my whole Disney week on the blog?! Check out the week's post because I did Beauty and the Beast nails, wore Villains sheet masks, reviewed the whole ColourPop x Disney Designer collection, shared some adorable Disney lip balms, and talked about our family trip to Disneyland


I recently got a couple Topbox Circles - one is the Matrix Biolage RAW Uplift Shampoo and Conditioner and the Biore Self Heating masks. This is a free product testing site and you just answer surveys and get matched with products - I love it! 


Here are the last few weeks of my Palettes of the Week! I used the Pur Cosmetics - you can see it swatched and tried on here; but, I did end up decluttering this as I thought it was too dark overall for me - there wasn't a lot of mid toned shades and I found it hard to use because of that. Then I used my ColourPop single eyeshadows and I really enjoy the formula! And then I used the ColourPop Take Me Home palette - you can see a full review here! I love this palette! And then I used the ColourPop Disney "It's a Princess Thing" palette and I love this one too! 


  1. Belated birthday wishes Renee! Hope you had a good one.

  2. Happy belated! Also, great find with those MoYou plates! I love them but I so rarely use the few I have that I can't justify buying more!

    1. Thank you! And yes, MoYou has amazing plates - I really want to stamp more!