Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mask Wednesday - Mediheal Pumpkin Ade Mask

Happy Mask Wednesday! It's Fall time and Fall makes everyone think of PUMPKINS! I thought I would stick with the Fall theme this week and feature a pumpkin mask! 

Mask Wednesday - Mediheal Pumpkin Ade Mask

Beauty Clinic Mediheal - Pumpkin Ade Mask ~ $1.99. Beauty Clinic Mediheal Mask provides the freshness and effectiveness of ingredients efficiently to provide nutrition for your skin with the synergy effect of concentrated essence. Beauty Clinic Mediheal Pumpkin Ade Mask keeps your face moist. This autumn squash sheet is beneficial to skin’s moisture providing the freshness and effectiveness to add nutrition of skin with the synergy effect of concentrated essence.

Pumpkin is not only a great Fall theme, if offers great benefits for your skin! Pumpkin helps brighten and tighten the skin with all the vitamins it has in it! 

This sheet mask is very straightforward to use - wash face, tone skin, apply mask, wear mask for 15-20 minutes, remove, pat remaining essence in to skin, and complete skincare routine.

This mask is a great quilted type material and was well soaked in essence - it lasted for about 40 minutes on my face. This mask was not my favorite scent at all. For some reason, pumpkin scent didn't really come through on this, it was a little earthy smelling. I will say that the scent didn't last long and it was something I ended up wearing without a problem.

Overall, I really like how this mask made my skin look - it looked brighter and felt great! I am happy with the results! I love that these Mediheal masks are available at Superstore for us Canadians!