Saturday, November 24, 2018

Becca x Glamglow We Know Glow Kit ~ Gravitymud Firming Treatment & Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Glow

When I saw Becca and Glamglow were releasing a limited edition set together I thought it was such a fun idea! Of course I want a pink highlight and mask together! 

Becca x Glamglow We Know Glow Kit

Becca x Glamglow We Know Glow Kit ~ $38.00 CAN. An exclusive collaboration kit from the people who know glow—BECCA and GLAMGLOW.

This set contains two deluxe size products:
  • Glamglow Gravitymud Firming Treatment (in pink!)
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter limited edition shade in Rose Glow 
I have used the Gravitymud Firming Treatment multiple times before and I like the mask, and I love Becca highlighters, so to me this was a great little set to pick up! 

Becca x Glamglow We Know Glow Kit

Glamglow Gravitymud Firming Treatmentan out-of-this-world tightening and toning treatment. The innovative formula peels off to leave skin looking tighter and more lifted.

I haven't actually tried this mask in it's original form - I have picked it up 2 other times in limited edition packaging (blue sonic the hedgehog and a glitter my little pony).

This is an easy to use peel off mask - apply to the face, wear for 20-30 minutes and peel off. In both of my past reviews I've noted how easy the mask is to peel off! 

Becca x Glamglow We Know Glow Kit

This mask is such a fun bright pink mask! I love it - this dries down well without being tight or uncomfortable on the skin. And, this peeled off super easy almost in one piece! 

I keep saying this about this mask; but, this always leave my skin looking really bright and fresh without it being a claim about the mask! I don't notice an instantly lifted look but I like the benefits I get - bright and soft skin which is still noticeable the next day! 

Becca x Glamglow We Know Glow Kit

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Rosé Glow ~ comprised of Becca's proprietary mineral pearl blend, the iconic formula is enriched with ultra-fine, luminescent pearls that absorb, reflect, and refract light to amplify your natural radiance and create the perfect glow.

Rose Glow is described as a "soft pink with rose-gold pearl for a golden, high-beam glow" and it's a beautiful shade - pink; but, not overly pink! I love the Becca Shimmering Skin formula - it's just a really perfect highlighter formula (if you are curious about the difference between the pressed, poured and liquid formulas, I've compared them here!)

Becca x Glamglow We Know Glow Kit

Here is a look at Rose Glow swatched and then blended in right underneath - the mix of pink and champagne almost gives a hint of peach as well and I just love this shade so much.

And, you've already seen the spoiler that this highlighter made my October Monthly Favorites because I've used it almost every day since I got it and I'm still using it all the time! I love it! 

Becca x Glamglow We Know Glow Kit

And here is the Rosé Glow highlighter on - it's such a great highlighter because it gives a beautiful glow without being overwhelming - I think I've raved about it enough! 

And, if you are curious what else I'm wearing - I have on the Hank and Henry Liquid Lipstick in Petal Pusher, Burt's Bees Blush in Shy Pink, and the Emily Edit The Wants palette on the eyes! 

Becca x Glamglow We Know Glow Kit

Overall, I thought this was a great little set - the deluxe size products are a really great way to try out both products! The Glowglow Gravitymud treatment is an expensive mask, so if you can try it in this deluxe formula first to see if you like it, it's great! And, the mini highlighter is perfect - I will never go through a full sized highlighter so this is the perfect size! 

My only complaint is that the highlighter shade is limited edition - make it permanent! It's one of my favorite highlighter shades I've ever used and I better not run out of it! 

Becca x Glamglow We Know Glow Kit

What do you guys think of this set? Is it something you would pick up?

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  1. What a great set! I've never seen this before but it looks like a great value. I really like Gravity Mud too!

    1. It's such a good little set - both really great quality products!