Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Barefoot Moscato + The Face Shop Lemon Face Mask)

Time for another Wine and Mask Wednesday - this week's theme is "Lemon"! 

Here is a look at the Wine of the Week:

Barefoot Moscato ~ $7.99. Barefoot Moscato is a sweet wine with hints of mouth-watering juicy peach and apricots flavour. Notes of lemon and orange citrus complimenting a crisp refreshing finish. 

Barefoot is a fairly well-known, inexpensive wine - this is my go-to affordable sweet wine! Here is a look:

This wine is quite sweet - if you are not a super sweet wine, this may not be for you! I love a good sweet moscato, so I like this! It is fruity and flavorful! It is not the highest quality wine - better for drinking with a friend than bringing to a nice dinner party! 

Now, to pair with a wine with a little bit of lemon, here is a lemon mask:

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Lemon ~ $2.00. This mask illuminates your skin and gives you a flawless complexion! Enriched with lemon extract with brightening properties, it will even out your complexion in an instant!

I really like The Face Shop masks! The are super accessible and affordable and most types work very well! I have never tried the lemon mask so I'm excited to try it! 

These masks are easy to use: wash face, tone skin, apply mask, leave on for 10-12 minutes, remove, complete skincare routine.

Here is a look at the mask fit:

I find The Face Shop masks usually fit nicer than this - this one was quite big! It did work well on my skin and I thought my skin look nicer when it was off! I would repurchase this one even though the fit was a little big! 

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