Friday, September 25, 2015

Five on Friday - September 25, 2015

*~*~*Holiday Note*~*~*
Hello my lovely readers - I'm a taking some quick holidays!!
Just a heads up, there will be no posts from Saturday September 26, 2015 to Sunday October 11, 2015 - posts will resume on Monday October 12, 2015! 

I'm on my way to Turks and Caicos for my HONEYMOON!!!!!
I'm so excited - I can't wait to be in paradise!!! 

T.V. show update:
Two good shows ended this week! 

Amazing Race Canada is over - this was a good season! These brothers pretty much dominated the whole season so it was no surprise they won!

Big Brother also ended this week! Can you believe Steve won?! I was quite shocked, but good for him!! 

Also two new shows that I am super excited for started this week! (But I sadly haven't watched either of them yet!)

Survivor Second Chance!!! 

And, Scream Queens!!! So excited for this one!! 

I have to apologize for not doing a Skincare Sunday or a Wine and Mask Wednesday this week!! Ugh so busy!!!! What a crazy week, I just could not get them in!! 

I have decided to go on a no-buy for October! (Well other than my subscription boxes of course!) I think this will be really tough but doable! 

Bye, loves - hope to see you back here on Monday October 12, 2015!!

Hope you guys have a great couple of weeks!!! 


  1. Have a wonderful trip! :D
    I watched Scream Queens and quite enjoyed it.

    1. Thanks - it was amazing!!
      Oooh good, I can't wait to watch it!!