Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mini Shopping Haul and Review - Skindinavia Finishing Sprays!

I did a lot of research when looking in to setting sprays for my wedding date - I heard amazing things about Skindinavia and chose to buy their spray!! 

Skindinavia is based out of Switzerland and my order shipped surprisingly fast for coming from overseas! (If you are ordering, note that shipping could take a while so don't order this the week before your wedding and expect it to make it on time!!)

Here is a look at my order:

The Makeup Finishing Spray Bridal ~ 8 oz for $39 (or 4 oz for $29). Kiss-proof, cry-proof and sweat-proof, Skindinavia’s ultra-fine spray is specially designed to resist the effects of excess moisture and helps keep makeup looking flawless.
Our award-winning mist controls stress-induced shine and keeps makeup photo-ready for up to 16 hours. Recommended for all skin types.

I heard this Skindinavia product is amazing!! I bought this for my wedding and it is amazing!!! It lasts through weather and tears and is superb! It is also a huge bottle so it will last forever! 

Skindinavia also had free shipping and included 2 samples!

The Makeup Primer SprayPore-clogging silicone primers have no place on your face! Get perfect makeup now and a virtually poreless, more even-toned complexion later. Our lightweight, silicone-free primer mist delivers a smooth canvas for impeccable, long-wear makeup application, and offers long-term skin benefits you’ll love as well!

The Makeup Finishing SprayThe original authority on makeup finishing sprays, Skindinavia is the definitive go-to when you want your makeup to have that on-going
‘just-applied’ look! Clinically-proven to keep colors vibrant and make creasing concealer and faded foundation a thing of the past, consider this your barrier against makeup meltdown. Applies as a lightweight, breathable mist to set liquid and powder makeup and holds your makeup in place for up to 16 hours.

Both of the samples are a decent size and primers and finishing sprays last forever - I am impressed with the sample sizes!! 

Just a little shopping haul, but I am happy with this purchase! Have you tried Skindinavia before? 


  1. My niece got engaged on Sunday (actually they were in Calgary for the weekend). I will take note of this for her and also I was wondering how the quality of the Gentile Sateen robes was? did you order from the
    Etsy shop? such a cool idea and so good for the wedding morning photos!

    1. Oh that's so exciting - congrats!!!!!
      I did order from the Gentle Sateen Etsy shop - I was happy with the quality of the robes! They are nothing crazy extravagant but were well put together and shipped in cute little bags!
      And this is a great product to use!!