Friday, September 11, 2015

Mini K-Beauty Haul - Tester Korea (Belif Products)

I have heard really great things about the brand Belif, and was excited when I saw that they were offering it at Sephora - but then I quickly realized that they were not available to Canadians (ugh, don't get me started on that!)

I really wanted to try this without buying full size, so I love that Tester Korea offers inexpensive sample sizes of tons of products!!! 

Here is a look at my mini Belif haul from Tester Korea:

I ordered 2 types of essences and 2 types of creams!! Here is a look:

Belif The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb ~ 10 ml for 4,000 won ($4.49 Canadian). This 26-hour moisturizing cream keeps the skin soft and smooth with Comfrey Leaf extract. The soft and pure white cream literally wraps the skin with comfort, supplying moisture without dryness and tightness for hours.

This cream is so highly reviewed I can't wait to try it! 

Belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb10 ml for 4,000 won ($4.49 Canadian). This aqua balm with Napiers aqua formula containing Lady's Mantle, often called "a woman's hydrating herb," is an invigorating gel type cream that supplies instant moisture to the skin while forming a protective layer that wraps the skin in comfort.

This cream is essentially the reason I made this Belif purchase - all the reviews made it sound absolutely amazing!! I can't wait to use it! 

Belif Classic Essence Increment ~ 10ml for 3500 won ($3.92). Classic essence Increment is belif's answer to a fundamental question of why essence was created in the first place. Belif believes the primary role of cosmetics is skin hydration, providing nutrition and
suppleness to the skin. For this, belif applied a nutrition complex, made of nutritious herbs, for the first time to its classic essence increment along with two other original and moisture formulas.

Ahhh... I love essences and the reviews on this also sound really good (obviously why I bought it, but suprisingly I was running low on essence and needed some options!)

Belif Hungarian Water Essence ~ 10ml for 3500 won ($3.92). This essence contains the legendary Hungarian Water, the hydration beauty secret of Hungarian Queen Elizabeth. This product provide cool sensation and clings to the skin lightly without stickiness, prolonging suppleness and softness.

So I just found out very recently using a Lush product, that Queen of Hungary water is vodka, water and some type of herb/leaf! I wasn't sold that I liked in the moisturizer I used, but I will keep an open mind and try this out!! 

Have you tried Belif products before? I am excited to test them out! 


  1. I got a sample of the true cream - moisturizing bomb and I am LOVING it! So sad to see that it's not available at Sephora!

    1. Yes, it is probably the most overlooked product which is sad because it is good!