Thursday, September 24, 2015

Product Review - PerlaCoco Mint Oil Pulling Pack

I have to admit, as a wine and a coffee drinker, I probably don't have the whitest teeth in the world! I have had them proffessionally cleaned prior to the wedding but I find it doesn't last a very long time (again, I'm not willing to give up my coffee or wine at this point) so I am looking for a longer term solution! 

PerlaCoco contacted me and offered to send me a two week trial of their oil-pulling product! I considered saying no because it's not neccessarily a "beauty" related product; but, I have heard so many good things about oil-pulling from friends and was actually really excited to try this!! 

Here is how PerlaCoco describes their product:
"PerlaCoco has reinvented the ancient secret of oil pulling to give everyone the opportunity of having a healthy mouth. 

Many people spend thousands of dollars on oral products like mouthwash, teeth whitening, and many more that in the end hurt your oral health. 

PerlaCoco has created an enjoyable experience that yields far more benefits than the investment involved. PerlaCoco has created a 100% Natural Oral product consisting of a flavored coconut oil twist leaving your mouth clean and refreshed. 

PerlaCoco helps whiten teeth, clear gingivitis, removes bad breath along with many more benefits. Reward your mouth by adding PerlaCoco to your morning routine!"

PerlaCoco is a little different than oil pulling with regular coconut oil as it is flavoured with spearmint, so it tastes better and make it's easier to oil pull! 

PerlaCoco offers a 2, 4, and 6 week program:
  • 2 weeks for $32.98 CDN ($24.75 USD)
  • 4 weeks for $52.64 CDN ($39.50 USD)
  • 6 weeks for $69.30 CDN ($52.00 USD)
I received the two week program. It was shipped quickly and arrived in a small bubble mailer - here is a look inside the package:

Came with 14 individually wrapped packages:

Each package has the instructions right on it! Here is how PerlaCoco suggests to use their product:
"PerlaCoco comes portioned in daily packages to make the process very simple. Each morning carefully rip one of the packages open before brushing your teeth to get the best results. Simply pour the oil into your mouth and begin to push and pull it between your teeth. This process should be done for a minimum of 5 minutes, but oil pullers should last 15 minutes to see the best results. When you have completed the 15 minutes spit the PerlaCoco Oil into the garbage. After you are done simply rinse your mouth out with some warm water, and brush your teeth.   This process should continue daily for the remainder of the package. DO NOT spit the oil into a sink, or toilet, it could potentially clog the pipes."

I used the products for 2 weeks straight just as PerlaCoco directed, and was quite impressed with the results! Oil pulling takes some getting used to; initially the texture is a little weird, but you get used to it really quickly! I have noticed the benefits for sure! While it is a little more expensive than buying a big tub of coconut oil, I like that these are individually packaged with how much to use and I love that they taste like spearmint (just like mouth washing without the super strong flavor!) If you are interested in trying oil pulling or love oil pulling already, and want to try a flavor, I would definitely recommend this! 

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