Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mask Genie Special Edition Mask Pouch Oriental Beauty Pouch #2 - LoveMore Silk Mask Pouch Review

Mask Genie is a facial mask subscription service - to get more information and see my reviews on the subscription pouches, you can go here.

In addition to a subscription service, Mask Genie also offers some specially curated Limited Edition pouches once in a while!

This pouch is the Oriental Beauty Pouch #2, and contains 10 masks by the Lovemore brand. (I initially did not purchase this pouch, but once I heard the reviews on the Lovemore masks I had to grab it as soon as it restocked!). This Limited Edition pouch was $26, with worldwide shipping included! (This pouch took almost 2 months to ship to Canada, but Mask Genie explained this has happened quite a bit as some of the ingredients get inspected upon import).

Lovemore is a Taiwanese brand and their sheet masks are 100% silk and use ancient Chinese herbal medicine ingredients in their masks for amazing skin benefits.

I love this different bag for the Limited Edition pouch; here is a look at all the masks included:

Yurong Scattered Amazing White Mask Sheet ~ Yurong is a herbal ingredient that moisturizing skin and leave in bright and smooth. 

Rhodiola Anti-Oxidant & Brightening Mask ~ I love brightening mask and I am excited to try this one! 

Cubilose Extract Hydrating & Firming Mask Sheet ~ Cubilose is a type of bird's nest extract and is great for keeping skin strong, supple and smooth.

Black Pearls True White Mask Sheet ~ Pearl on the skin is great for keeping skin radiant and moisturized. 

Bitter Gourd Purifying Mask Sheet ~ this sounds like it is good for getting rid of gunk in the skin and great when you have acne. 

Red Pearl Barley Whitening Mask Sheet ~ this appears to be for whitening masks which are great for my skin; one of my main problems is skin discolouration. 

Wine Yeast Whitening Mask ~ Another whitening mask sounds good to me - again my skin is discoloured and I love having whitening masks! 

Bamboo Liquid Moisturizing Mask Sheet ~ I love bamboo masks and moisturizing masks, so this is great - I'm excited to use this! 

Wild Yam Firming Mask Sheet ~ this is also for rejuvenating skin! I have tried this mask and my review is up here

Rosa Hybrida Whitening Mask Sheet ~ I love rose products for my skin! This sounds good for me! 

Mask Genie's Special Edition Pouch came with 10 masks for $26; this works out to $2.60 per mask! This is a great price point given that  these masks are made from silk and herbal ingredients! 

I like these Limited Edition pouches and will likely buy more!! Have you tried Lovemore masks before?


  1. I got this pouch and have used 5 of the masks so far and I love them!!! Great post :)

    1. Yes! Aren't they so soft and amazing! So good - I'm almost scared to use them too quickly!