Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Make-up Post - "Strobing"

I'm not always one to jump on the make-up trends (you still will not see me doing any type of crazy contouring), but I was excited when I heard of strobing! Strobing is essentially just really intense highlighting, or contouring without the shading!  

Here are the products I use for Strobing:

The products are (from top left, clockwise):
Strobing is all about layering!

The first layer involves a full face glow:

I use Luminous Light with a very big, fluffy face brush - I apply this powder lightly all over the face for a gentle, all over glow! 

The second step involves a cream highlighter to act as a base for the layers of highlight:

I am using this cream highlighter and applying it with my fingertips. Apply this to the high points of your face; where the light hits your face first. If you don't know where this is, use a light and shine it on your face! Here is where I apply this:

I apply this to the tops of my cheeks and above my brow (if you wish, this step could include your nose as well, but I will not make my nose to shiny!)

The third step is the main highlight:

I am using Candlelight - this highlighter is gorgeous! I am applying this product using a fan brush. I apply this on top of the cream highlighter and make a "C" shape from the cheeks around the brow. In this step, I will also add a touch down the centre of my nose.

The fourth, and final step, is adding a finishing touch:

I am using a very fine brush to add my finishing touch with Champagne Pop! I am just using this on the highest point on my cheek and above my brow. Additionally, I am using this fine brush to shape out my cupid's bow very lightly. 

Here is my final look after "Strobing"

I actually really love this makeup trend! You definitely have to love the glowy/dewy look to enjoy the outcome of this look! 

Have you tried Strobing?

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