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Reflections of 2019!

Happy New Years Everyone! I'm wishing you all the happiest of years this year! Before going in to a New Year, I love looking back at the highlights of my past year!

I'm super nostalgic and I love looking back a moments in time and remembering how it was and picturing myself back there (this is why I'm a big scrapbooker too!) I have so many great memories of 2019 and hope 2020 is just as amazing! 

But, what awesome about this year, is it's the end of a decade and the past 10 years have been pretty crazy decade for me! 

Reflections of 2019!

Here's me at the start of the decade compared to me at the end of the decade! This whole decade was full of ups and downs for me (mostly ups but a few downs). At the start of the decade, it actually started a little down for me. I was newly single and stayed that way for a couple of years (which seemed like it was forever to me and I was pretty down about it - it can be isolating as a single parent working shift work). But, I ended up meeting my life partner at work and we got married and have together ever since. We added to my family of Damian and I - two kitties and another kid and we bought a house to put them all in!

At the start of the decade, I finished my Degree and it took me until the end of the decade to finish paying off my student loans, but I did it!) And, I had my job before the start of the decade, but I've also had some up and downs there - my job was cut and building was closed (right before the wedding and honeymoon), but we rallied for our job back and it worked! Our building was saved and I got my job back! Then, a few years later, I got a promotion! We also had so many amazing experiences this decade - took both kids on their first Disney trips, saw new places like P.E.I., Florida, Mexico and Turks and Caicos and had fun new experiences like dog sledding, parasailing and bobsledding! 

I also used to be pretty crazy about my looks - I went tanning 3x per week, for 25 minutes a time. I also used to were blue or teal contacts. When I shed this look years in to the decade, it was really hard to accept my more natural beauty - I thought I only looked good with a tan. (Also, in the decade I got in to that dreaded over plucking brow situation and then fixed it!) Then, for fun - I started a blog that started with beauty subscriptions and eventually morphed in to a beauty blog! 

Now that I've been all nostalgic about the decade, here's a look back at the highlights of 2019! 

Started off the year with a Trip to Edmonton 

Reflections of 2019!

We actually came to Edmonton because my husband and I both had to work, but we decided to take the family and make a trip out of it! The kids had fun because we stayed in a themed room at West Edmonton Mall and each had days taking the kids to the mall (husband did the water park) and I took them to the sea life and had a blast! 

My Oldest Son Turned 14! 

Reflections of 2019!

It was so crazy last year when Damian turned 13 and officially became a teenager! But, it just seems crazier year after year - 14 in Alberta means he can get his Learner's Licence and learn how to drive (yikes, right?!) - although, he has tried twice so far and not passed yet! 

Survived A Long Cold Winter

Reflections of 2019!

We had a really brutal Winter this year - it was pretty crazy and so cold (I think February was the coldest ever on record) and it was hard to get out, but when we were able we did snow angels, snow men, and lots of tobogganing!  

Enjoyed Lots Of Wine At Grape Escape 

Reflections of 2019!

We always buy our parents tickets to Grape Escape and try to go every year - I missed a few being pregnant and then having a little one at home. But, we always have such a blast and since my husband and I are home bodies, this our rare chance to get out and let loose! 

Elliott Turned 2! 

Reflections of 2019!

We moved in to the terrible 2 stage this year - yayyyy. (Just kidding - I know the threenager phase is even worse!) Elliott is the stereo-type toddler boy and he is crazy! He is busy - running and jumping and being a typical busy boy! We are still struggling with a full night's sleep, but we moved him in to a toddler bed and he's almost potty changed by the end of the year! 

We Finally Had a Game of Thrones Costume Party For The Finale 

Reflections of 2019!

Maybe this one seems silly, but we've had a few Game of Thrones theme parties before with fun food and drinks, but we have been talking about a costume party forever - I've literally had this costume of Lady Stoneheart picked out for years! Finally, our friends hosted one and we had a blast - everyone had amazing costumes and so much good food to celebrate the end to the very controversial season and show! 

Damian Was Awarded Athlete of the Year for Grade 8

Reflections of 2019!

My son is in grade 8 and both years in Junior High, we've been invited to the Award's Ceremony (so you know your kid is getting an award, but it's always a surprise what it is!) Grade 7 was a Leadership Award and this year was the Athlete of the Year! I thought that was amazing - Damian loves being on teams and clubs at school and he is a good little athlete, so this was well deserved! So proud! 

Rode the Mountain Rollercoaster in Revelstoke 

Reflections of 2019!

This has been on my wish-list to do since it opened! We took time in our drive to and from B.C. and made a few stops along the way. We stayed in Revelstoke so we could take the kids on the Gondola ride and had a blast going down the mountain on the pipe mountain coaster! (It's so fun and just is this little open cart with a hand break so you can go as fast as you want - it goes up to 42 kph!)

Enjoyed Summer Adventures with My Family 

Reflections of 2019!

We had such an amazing Summer and had lots of little family trips! We started the Summer off with a trip to Edmonton for Damian's basketball, then went right to Penticton, B.C. to visit my family (we made lots of stops along the way and took 2 days driving to and from to enjoy the road trip!) Then, we spent a week at our families cabin in Fairmont with the whole family, and we went back for a long weekend with friends too! So much fun how much time we spent out and about all together! 

Trip to Disneyland 

Reflections of 2019!

We were talking that it's been a while since we've been anywhere and we ended up booking a last minute trip to Disneyland when we saw some really good flight deals! It was so much fun - we got to see the new Star Wars area and went to the Halloween Party! I thought we were super crazy to bring a toddler and we had an amazing time! Already can't way to go back again! 

I Hosted My First Halloween Party

Reflections of 2019!

I have been wanting to do a Halloween Party for years! I love themed parties and love doing themed food and decor - you can see my whole party theme here! We had 15 little ones and two teenagers and all the adults too! I really hope to keep this as a yearly party! 

I Turned 33 Years Old!

Reflections of 2019!

I'm 33 now - holy moly! Double 3 digits! I love birthdays and at the start of the decade I would have celebrated with at least 3 - 4 nights of birthday celebrations. Now, I'm a little quieter and am totally happy having takeout from my favourite restaurant and a little cake at home with my family! 

I Paid Off My Student Loan Debt! 

This was a really excited moment in the year for me! I finished school 8 1/2 years ago and had about $30,000 in debt, so to get this paid off, we are officially debt free (other than our mortgage) and that's pretty exciting!!!  

Finished The Year Enjoying The Holidays With Family 

Reflections of 2019!

This was such a great way to end the year - lots of time with Family! My husband's family is in town from Sweden so we've had lots of family time with them and my sister was in town from Vancouver. I had over a week off from work so I had plenty of time to enjoy with everyone! 

Reflections of 2019!

And, I love seeing what you guys love seeing too - here are my Top 9 posts from 2019! (Although, let's be really these were all from earlier in the year before the crazy algorithm change!) These aren't the posts I would necessarily pick, but I do love that my flower eyeliner made it in here! 

I'm wishing you guys all an amazing 2020 - I know this will be a great year too! I have lots to look forward to and will share it with you guys as it comes!   

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