Thursday, October 11, 2018

Labiotte Chateau - Wine Lip Tint in "Nebbiolo Red"

This month for the Canadian Beauty Bloggers, we are highlighting K-Beauty brands as our Brand of the Month. It's no secret here that I love k-beauty products! The packaging of k-beauty products are so cute - just look at the wine lip tint! 

Labiotte Chateau - Wine Lip Tint in "Nebbiolo Red"

Is this not the cutest lip tint you've ever seen?! I love wine and I love k-beauty, so it was pretty much a no brainer that this little gem was going to be in my collection! 

Labiotte is new brand to me - the brand focuses on using products that are based in nature and focus on eco-friendly policies, while encompassing the 7 principles of naturopathy. 

Labiotte stands for:
-Laboratory ~ research of dermatology 
-Bio ~ powerful energy of pure nature 
-Ette ~ pursuit of beauty 

Labiotte Chateau - Wine Lip Tint in "Nebbiolo Red"

Labiotte - Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in RD02 "Nebbiolo Red" ~ $29.78 CAN (can be found for as low as $4 CAN on Ebay!). Robust, full-bodied and decadent, these popular Labiotte lip tints come packaged in tiny wine bottles. Non-sticky lip stains are formulated with French wine extracts and leave lips gorgeously and luxuriously colored for hours. 

I'm fairly new to lip tints actually - I've had one or two in my collection; but, haven't reached for them too often! I like the idea of a lip tint though - seems like a long wear lip product that won't budge; but, isn't as heavy or as matte as a liquid lipstick. 

Labiotte Chateau - Wine Lip Tint in "Nebbiolo Red"

The formula is interesting - it did go on really light, watery wash over the lips. There was maybe a spot or two that was a little patchy; but, I found it easy to go over and apply without the overlook being patchy. It did take a few minutes to dry down and during that time it was a little tacky on the lips. 

Labiotte Chateau - Wine Lip Tint in "Nebbiolo Red"

I can certainly attest that this formula is super long wearing - it will tint/stain your lips. (It was on my arm for 2 days after I swatched this! Also, my lips were stained for most of the following day (of course, after removing with makeup remover too). The formula is long wearing on the lips to and wears fairly comfortably all day. It wasn't drying; but, I wouldn't call it moisturizing by any means. 

I wasn't worried about smudging or moving; but, this really settled in the lines of my lips and it didn't look amazing at the end of the day. Maybe, if I exfoliated and applied a balm first before applying this. Also, i'm sure it would wear well with a light lip balm applied over top. Do you have lip tint tips? I want to keep wearing this - I think this is a great Spring/Summer formula! 

Labiotte Chateau - Wine Lip Tint in "Nebbiolo Red"

Here is the Labiotte Wine Tint in Nebbiolo Red on me! This is a pretty shade! 

Overall, this was a fun product! If you are interested, I would recommend searing ebay to try and find a great deal (I only spent $4.50 on this, which makes it totally worth it to try!) The packaging is to die for and I will wear this again for sure! 

Labiotte Chateau - Wine Lip Tint in "Nebbiolo Red"

Have you tried this lip tint or another lip tint before? What do you think of the formula? 


  1. I have a review of these as well and the packaging is ADORABLE! They have nail polishes in the same shape so I think we BOTH need to get some!

    1. The packaging is to die for - I definitely read your review on these! I just got the mascara too! I agree - we both should pick up on or two of the polishes!!!