Friday, October 12, 2018

Five on Friday - October 12, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you had a great week! Last weekend was a long weekend for us, so going in to this week, I love having a 4 day work week! 


I just received the October Lookfantastic Beauty Box subscription in the mail - I have never subscribed to this before; but, was excited to try it out! This is a UK subscription but they ship a lot of places - the subscription is $25.00 CAN (less expensive the more months you subscribe are subscribed to). 

The October theme is "Hidden Gems Edition" and the products I received are:
  • AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion (deluxe sample worth about $6)
  • Prai Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme (deluxe sample worth about $12)
  • Monu Night Renewal Complex (deluxe sample worth about $45)
  • Pixi Beauty Fresh Face Blush in Beach Rose (full size approx. $15 - discontinued)
  • Dr Lipp Elderberry Lip Tint (deluxe sample worth approx. $10)
  • Talika Bubble Mask Bio Detox ($14.45)
  • Elle magazine 
So, I wasn't thrilled with this month's box - the value is there because the night cream is pricey. Everything else was just okay - body lotion and neck cream aren't exciting. The blush is pretty; but, appears discontinued. I'm most excited for the tinted lip balm. I did not continue this subscription beyond this month.

But, I really only ordered this because Lookfantastic had a promo code (and still have the promo on) for 20% off their Advent Calendar, when you are subscribed. I did the math and the code saved me $24, when this was $25 - so really I only paid $1 for this box, so I can't complain too much! 


Last weekend my friend and I took our little guys to the Calgary Corn Maze because they were having a little Pumpkin Fest. Elliott is currently loving pumpkins so he had fun trying to count and carry them all! Also, there was farm animals and the boys loved the sheep, goats, pigs and cows! 


Last weekend we went to the Calgary Farmer's Market and found so many yummy goodies! We picked up 3 Cheese Nacho corn snacks from Good For You Snacks, Onion and Wild Rice Buns from Yum Bakery,  Tzatziki and Pineapple Chips from 2 Greek Gals, Vegan Lemongrass "Chicken", Thai Yellow Curry and Vegan Dumplings from Hearts Choices, Cinderella's Brew by TotaliTea, and Coconut Cashew Butter from Going Nuts! Seriously, so many yummy choices - I can get so caught up in just ordering my groceries online; but, I really love going to the Farmer's Market!


Mmm... back to my Soup of the Week! This week I made this delicious Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup and I added chicken in it before I used an immersion blender! It was a really addition to the soup actually - felt a little heartier! 


How adorable is this hand drawn picture by @drawrachelle on Instagram?! I think her drawings are super cute and so fun - I love that she was able to capture this one from my honeymoon in Turks and Caicos! This time 3 years, we were in Turks and Caicos and it was amazing! If you want to see what it was like I have a few travel posts here, here, here and here

I hope you have an amazing weekend! We are actually having 2 Thanksgiving dinners this weekend; because, everyone was out of town or working, so we are making up for it this weekend! 

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