Friday, January 22, 2016

Five on Friday - January 22, 2016

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope everyone had a great week! Mine has been pretty good - work was a little busier than normal because my partner was away on vacation (plus, isn't it hard to be a work when you know someone you work with is in Mexico!!!!) so I am happy the weekend is here! 


Okay, so I don't like to spend a whole lot complaining here - I am mostly pretty positive, but I may have just ran in to some pretty terrible service for a subscription company and I am really mad about, so I figured I would share! 

I was expecting a Morphe Me subscription this month as I subscribed immediately when I heard about the subscription, and I received last months bag. So this month, I was surprised when I hadn't gotten any shipping emails, so I logged in to my account and it said my payment failed - this was crazy, I had more than enough money on my credit and all my info was right. Regardless, I changed everything to make sure it was right and it still said payment failed. (This next part has taken about a week of back and forth....)So I contacted them who said it was my credit card company blocking the payment, so I contact my credit card company who said no, the company is not entering a payment amount so that it why it's not going through. I emailed them back and explained, and they said they will pass me through to the accounts department. I'm thinking, perfect all they have to do is manually take out $19.99 and all will be fixed in the world - the accounts department emailed me and said it's taken care of, we have gone ahead and deleted your account, if you would like to sign up, please put in your email for our waitlist!!! WHAT?!?! Who does that?? The payment issue was on their end, and somehow I end up on a waitlist from it!!! So crazy - needless to say, I'm not impressed right now! 

I have been suuuper excited to try these masks - they are Illi Hanbang Masks. I ordered mine from ebay, but saw shortly after that they are available from Bisou Beauty Bar - which is an awesome Canadian site for k-beauty! (Again, did not break my no-buy, I ordered these in October!)

This weekend my son is turning 11!!! I have to say, I can't believe how time flies! He is not a little boy any more and is growing up so quickly! 

I'm actually surprised at how well I am doing on my no-buy - I am actually sticking to it!! I totally blew it in November so I was hoping this time would be better! Not only am I not buying anything, I am selling a bunch of stuff too!!! I am saving up so that when I got to Palm Springs next month, I can buy lots of goodies - plus our dollar is terrible right now so I will have to save extra! 


This picture made me laugh the most this week - I keep things pretty tame here on the blog, but I am known for having a little bit of a potty mouth. A little while ago, a girl at work to me and a co-worker that we swore too much and it made us unattractive - hahaha, we had a good response that may have included a few choice words! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!! 


  1. I have that illi mask set too, look forward to hearing your thoughts on them!

    1. yes, i think i saw you just them on your instagram! I am excited to try them out :)