Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 2016 Beauty Box Comparison - Ipsy vs. Topbox vs. Birchbox

Here is a quick look at the comparison chart for January's Ipsy, Topbox, and Birchbox Canada:
January 2016 Beauty Box Comparison - Ipsy vs. Topbox vs. Birchbox

In terms of value this month, Ipsy and Topbox blew Birchbox Canada out of the water. Sometimes, that doesn't always mean they are the best so we will take a closer look! 


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The value of the January Ipsy bag was really high and I liked that 3 of the items were full sized. Overall, I didn't mind the products this month - I am happy with the eyeliner, brush and eye cream, I will use the body lotion, but will pass the cream eyeshadow on. I am overall happy with the items in this bag! 

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While my January Topbox  had a good value, I wasn't thrilled with the products I received. The only product I am super excited about is the Elizabeth Arden essence. The lipstick is not my color, the body lotion samples are small, and I will use the deep conditioner, but I am not super excited about it. This month was a little blah for me. 

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Oh Birchbox, this is only my 3rd month being re-subbed and I'm not super thrilled with the products! I do love the sheet mask, and the body lotion is sooo good, but this sample was only 1 use for a full body application. I don't like the lip tint and am so sick of getting a ton of hair products from birchbox. I will use the body scrub, but am not thrilled about it.  

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I have to say, January wasn't the best month for my beauty subscriptions, but I have high hopes for February - maybe a Valentine's theme will pick things up! Out of the 3, I think that Ipsy was my favorite - it came with the most products I will use and am happy with! 

Which sub was your favorite this month?