Friday, January 8, 2016

Five on Friday - January 8, 2016

Happy Friday everyone!!! I am happy to see the weekend coming - it has been a little cold a miserable around here, so not a very nice week! Anyone else feel like this week has been especially weird?! Just hard to get back in to gear with work after the holidays and trying to get back to a routine! I haven't done many blog posts (apparently I can't find the time this week because I got spoiled the last 2 weeks with no work!) but I will get it sorted out again soon! 

Ahhh... another season of The Bachelor has begun! Do you think because Ben is fairly quiet they chose extra crazy girls this season!? Anways, it looks dramalicious as usual, which I love of course! Who are you rooting for? Right now I'm leaning towards Becca, Amanda (cute single mom), Lauren B (flight attendant) and Jami (fellow Albertan!) - this could all change of course! 

Woo hoo - first week of my reading challenge and I already have my first book done (and a seriously close 2nd and 3rd!). If you haven't done so already, check out the page here and join along! 

Also, on the book topic - does anyone follow Emma Watson on twitter or facebook? 

She is starting a book club focused on feminism and I can't stop talking about how much I love her for it! I will happily be reading along! I haven't actually joined Good Reads yet - I don't know why but I guess I will have to join to be part of the club! 


Okay, I used to loooove Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews (I must admit I still do own all her older series - I can't part with them)! I wrote a little while ago when I watched the first movie the Lifetime came out with, but I just binged watched all of them (there was a marathon!) and they made me want to pull out the old series again to re-read them! 

Also, lifetime is airing My Sweet Audrina this weekend (on the 9th) for those of us that still love that crazy story - my pvr is already set! 

Okay, for a beauty blogger apparently I can be a bit behind in the times (not always), but am I the last to hear about this new "trend"?!?!

I guess I haven't followed Nikkie Tutorials for that long, but apparently this is now the new trend to use as a primer?! I just can't see myself jumping on board with this - I'm just not sure if I think its a great idea! I have you tried this trend yet? What do you think?

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