Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Tantalus Rose Wine + illi Camellia Nourishing Mask)

*edit - Wed morning ~ I JUST realized that yesterday was Tuesday! Isn't that the worst feeling when you think it is closer to the end of the week and then realize the week isn't halfway over! Anyways, I'm usually just on time with these posts, so enjoy this one early! 

Yay - I finally have Wine for my Wine and Mask Wednesday! My theme for this week is PINK!! 

Here is a look at my Mask of the Week:
illi Camellia Nourishing Mask

illi Camellia Nourishing Mask (Intensive Moisture) ~ $4.00. The Illi Camellia Nourishing Mask will make a believer out of anyone!  Camellia Oil - a super antioxidant that helps protect skin from environmental stressors and nasty free radicals, will leave your skin hydrated, soft and revitalized.  A winner in our books!

I have been so excited to try out illi brand masks! I have heard rave reviews about them and so I jumped last month to buy a few! At $4 a piece, they will be considered one of my splurge masks if I like them - which means I only use them when my skin is in serious need of love and attention! 

illi Camellia Nourishing Mask

illi Camellia Nourishing Mask

This mask comes super saturated with essence and the essence is a milky texture, which is different than most mask essences! I was impressed with how well this mask fit because it did not have too many darts for fit! This mask also has a delicate floral scent, that is not overpowering and is quite subtle, which I like while I am wearing it! 

This mask is used like a normal sheet mask - remove makeup, wash face, put on mask, wear for 20 minutes, remove, pat essence in to skin, and complete skincare routine! Ok seriously, this mask is amazing!!! The essence lasted for quite a bit longer than 20 minutes and made my skin incredibly moisturized! Love, love, love! Will definitely repurchase this mask again! 

Now, to pair with my (kind of) "pink" mask, here is a pink wine! 
Tantalus Rose Wine

Tantalus Rose Wine ~ $19.04. Sunset pink! This wine is quite possibly the best Rosé we’ve made at Tantalus. The nose bursts forth with strawberries and cream, followed by hints of sage and red rose. The palate is pleasantly dry with a lush ripe texture. Red delicious apple, wild mixed berries and an intriguing citrusy grapefruit edge makes this wine both a summer patio quaffer and a complex and subtle dinner wine. Great from the first twist of the screw cap, this wine rewards the savvy Rosé lover.

Tantalus vineyard is located in Kelowna, B.C. It was part of the wine tour we went on for my bachelorette party! These wines were all delicious but I love finding a good Rose wine! Again, this is a recommended stop if you are wine touring in the area! 

This is a Pinot Noir based Rose so it is more dry and less sweet than the typical Rose. This does have the beautiful sweet flavor of fruits, but the right amount of tartness! 

This wine is delicious! Enough said! But really, this is so versatile - it drinks very well as a sipping wine and would easily hold up as a dinner wine! This is so pink and yummy! I will buy this again! 

I have to say, this is one of my favorite Wine and Mask Wednesdays I have had in a while - both Mask and Wine were amazing this week! Both come highly recommended! 

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