Friday, January 15, 2016

Five on Friday - January 15, 2016

Another busy week - I am glad it is Friday! Although, it is supposed to get super cold here this weekend so I am not looking forward to that! 


How cute is this shirt I got from StatGeekTees?! (Don't worry, I didn't break my no buy, I bought it in December!) I love it - I think it is so cute! 

American Horror Story Hotel came to end this week - I wont spoil anything if you haven't watched it yet! But, I loved this season! At first I wasn't sure, but the characters were so well done and I really enjoyed it! Any thoughts on what next season will be??


This week I got new hair!!! I have not dyed my hair anything but black or cut more than an inch off in years!!! I cut off almost 5 inches and put some highlights in! It feels super healthy and I am liking the lighter color! 


Did you guys get anything from the Topbox Glam Sense program? I got the TRESemme box and it came with 3 huge full size products! Crazy! I'm excited to see what else the program has to offer! 

I finally signed up for Good Reads - it will help me keep track of what I am reading and see recommendations! Do you guys have Good Reads? I don't know how to find anyone else, but if you have Good Reads, it would be fun to see other people's lists too! 


  1. Love the hair - I do mine about the same :)

  2. Your hair looks beautiful! I am going to subscribe to Top Box this year - I used your referral to connect. Still on the waiting list...

    1. Thank you Brenda!! Oooh I'm sure you will be off the wait-list by next month - I hope you like it!!!