Friday, January 29, 2016

Five on Friday - January 29, 2016

Hope everyone had a great week - this has actually been a really quiet for me, which I have been enjoying and relaxing! 

So, I haven't worn my FitBit in a long time, but this past weekend I cleaned it up and got it working again! It has definitely motivated me to get off my butt a little bit more and move around more! It feels good to be using it again! 


Ok you guys, have you read this book?! I can't believe it took me this long to read The Night Circus! This book was soooo good! How are you guys doing on your Reading Challenge? I'm feeling pretty good that this is Book 4 of this year already! Woo hoo! 


Did Rihanna's single "Work" just sneak up on every this week? I either love Rihanna's music or I hate it - there is no in between with me. I haven't loved the music she has put out lately, but I am loving the new single! I haven't downloaded the album yet, but I think I will this weekend! 

Hehe - as someone who suffers from Resting Bitch Face, this article about Alternatives To Resting Bitch Face gave me a good laugh! 

We are taking a trip to Anaheim and Palm Springs in February! I am so excited - it's not the greatest that our dollar is not great right now but I am still excited to get some shopping in! Do you guys have any recommendations I should get - new makeup that's out? pretty palettes? brands not available in Canada? I have never been to Ulta so I am pretty excited to go and shop! 

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