Tuesday, August 18, 2020

July/August 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

I was so excited when Lush Kitchen announced a few months that they were revamping in to a subscription box - of course I subscribed immediately! The first box was the May 2020 and I skipped the June 2020 box (I hadn't received the May box yet and it's a little pricey with conversion to Canada), so this is the third box in the subscription! 

July 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

I purchased this subscription on my own

The Lush Kitchen Subscription box is a monthly subscription box full of exclusive Lush Labs goodies made just for the box - every month subscribers vote on the monthly menu of products that they would or would not like to see in the box, so you can help pick what is included in the box! All of the products in each box will be vegan. 

Each month the Lush Kitchen Subscription box is £35/month + shipping (shipping to Canada is £17.95), so all together the cost of the subscription box in Canada is £52.95 a month, which converted to $93.37 CAN this month). The subscription will come with 4-5 exclusive products and I think it will include a variety of products that Lush makes; but, will of course be mostly bath and body products. 

July 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

Each month you have until the 5th of the month to vote on the products you would like to see in the box, then on the 6th your payment will come out. Then, Lush makes the goodies and the boxes will start shipping out at the end of the month. *They just updated their naming system so in July you pick the items and it ships out at the end of the month - this is the August Box (it used to be named for the same month you picked products in).

Also, just because you vote for a product does not guarantee that you will receive the items because they will make the most popular ones and the box is a complete surprise until you get it! You do have the option to skip months, which I love in a subscription and I have skipped and will continue to skip here and there since this subscription box is quite expensive with shipping to Canada, so I will likely keep it as a little treat every couple of months! 

The box arrived filled with Lush's usual cornstarch peanuts to help the environment as well as a product card and an ingredient card. Here is a look at the products in the July 2020 box:

July 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

The Comforter Body Lotion ~ Feel soothed with the fruity scent of blackcurrant absolute and uplifting bergamot.  

I love the scent of Comforter! It's so fruity and delicious - I have used the bubble bar in the scent and loved it, so I'm really happy to have it in a lotion. This is quite a thin lotion, which is great for Summer time! (For price point reference, typically lotions this size are around $8 CAN). 

Creamed Almond and Coconut Shower Smoothie ~ Carry your mind to a calmer place while your body is covered with the gentle scent of jasmine and vanilla. 

This is just a nice, thick lotion-y textured body wash - I've used a shower conditioner before so, it's basically just a hydrating body wash! This actually has a subtle scent and it's very relaxing, so I can't wait to use this in the bath! I also love that this isn't a regular style of product from Lush so this is very original. (For price point reference I used the body conditioner price, so this size is around $8 CAN). 

July 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

Sleepy Solid PerfumeDrift off into a lavender-scented dreamland in 3, 2, 1...

I was so excited to get a solid perfume because it's a Lush product that I've never used before! I also loooove the Sleepy scent (I just used up my Sleepy body spray and tried a different brand and it's not as good, so I am going to use this all the time. It's strongly Lavender and so good! Also, I think you will have to use so little of this that this product will last forever! (For price point reference, these are around $13 CAN). 

July 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

Freeze Shower Gel ~ Reach for revival with a full-blast of invigorating peppermint to wake you up and cool you down.

I think this is an old favourite shower gel scent that they've brought back for this box. It is a very bright and uplifting peppermint scent and it would be perfect to wake you up in the morning! (This is a really big shower gel too, so for price point reference, it is around $23 CAN for this size!)

Yoga Bomb Bath BombSandalwood-olibanum soother.

I think this is also an old classic - I looked up past reviews and this looks like it opens to purples and blues when it hits the water! This scent is in a current body spray and it's a little earthy but still a fresh scent! (For price point reference, this bath bomb would be about $8 CAN). 

July 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

I was happy with the variety of products in this month's box - body smoothie, bath bomb, lotion, solid perfume and shower gel. The first box made me want a little more variety, so I'm happy to see the subsequent boxes have that! 

As a Canadian the shipping cost really adds to the total cost making this just under $100 per month. I paid $93.37 for this box, which works out to about $18.67 per product, with the 5 products in the box. This came with about $60 worth of products; however, the value is worth a little bit more because these are exclusive products and when some of them were previously brought back in the Lush Kitchen, they were sold at a bit of a higher price. I mean the value of the box isn't exorbitant given that I am paying for shipping, but that is also something I knew before ordering the box and I do think if you're a Lushie, you would like this box!

July 2020 - Lush Kitchen Subscription Box

What do you guys think about this subscription?! 


  1. Looks like a great bunch of products! I feel like I should check this out because I always seem to buy the same things from Lush... Thanks for sharing!
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