Monday, August 24, 2020

Manicure Monday - Tropical Abstract Nail Art

Happy Manicure Monday! I hope you all have a great weekend - I am feeling very refreshed after a good weekend! 

Manicure Monday - Tropical Abstract Nail Art
The Morgan Taylor & OPI polishes were received as PR samples

The #CBBxManiMonday group is keeping up our Summer Lingo theme for our August nail art and I picked the theme tropical for this week! I wanted a tropical vacation vibe all over my nails (but make it abstract), so I went with peaches, oranges, yellows and greens! 

I'm really happy with how this turned out and I've been having fun with abstract nails - also really cool is this is done with a stamper and I prefer the way the brush strokes work out with a stamper because they look a little more natural than if you try to start at the edge of your nail and swipe in! 

The products I used for this week's Manicure are:
I also use a nail stamper and a dotting tool for this mani! 

Manicure Monday - Tropical Abstract Nail Art

This is actually a really easy manicure to do if you have a little stamper laying around! I started out with a base coat and two coats of a peachy pink polish as the base. Then, using my nail stamper, I swiped brush strokes of each polish on to the stamper and stamped on to my nails. I usually did two polishes at a time, so I would paint the orange and yellow on to the stamper and then stamp them on to my nail, and then I would paint the two greens on the stamper and layer those on my nails after. It was really easy and I found the stamper gave a lot more control to wear the brush strokes went. Then, I used the black polish and nail dotting tool and stamped a couple rows of dots on each nail, as well as a little triangle of white dots as well. 

I'm really happy with how these turned out and I love the colour combo of them! My husband told me they reminded of flies to catch fish with and my son told my they reminded him of watermelons, so I guess the abstract really does leave them open to interpretation! 

Manicure Monday - Tropical Abstract Nail Art

What's on your nails this week?! And, as always make sure you check out Cosmetic Proof and Prairie Beauty Love to see their Summer nails! 


  1. I really loved this abstract look!
    For me, it reminded me of flamingos! I guess I can kind of see the flies to catch fish LOL