Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 2017 - What I Bought This Month!

It's time for my monthly haul!! I have really enjoyed seeing what I buy every month! I like that I get to share everything I have purchased (because really some of it would get lost in my beauty collection if I didn't!) Also, helps to keep me on track - starting next month, I am planning on sticking to spending around $100 per month on beauty since I will be on a slight budget with a new baby! 

I will only include products I have spent money on - gifts, pr samples, and freebies are usually shared on posts like my Five on Friday posts! 

Here is what I bought this month:

Scratch Monthly Mani Kit ~ $19.52. This subscription is $10 US + $5 shipping, and I like getting this subscription every few months when I want the limited edition wraps! I did a quick review on this here if you are interested! I won't be getting next months since I'm not really interested in the wrap design, but this is a great way to get some fun nail goodies! 

Superstore Essential Haul ~ $11.48. These are basics - cotton pads that I use for makeup removal and nail polish removal ($2), a pack of nail files ($3.49), some hair elastics - I generally prefer the thinner all black ones, but these will do ($1.44), and some Joe Fresh Nail Polish Remover ($4). Nothing fancy here! 

Boxycharm Yearly Subscription ~ $399.25 (April 2017 - April 2018 = $33.27 a month). I have given up both my Ipsy and Topbox subscriptions for Boxycharm - they would have worked out to about the same price. I have been happy that Boxycharm sends out full size products, including palettes, etc. You can check out my Boxycharm reviews here! I knew this would push me well over the spending limit for the month, but I wanted to pay for this in full before I went on my Maternity leave! (so this won't be featured on my monthly haul anymore!)

Welllll.... other than buying a year subscription for myself, I ended being pretty good this month! But, I did still spend $430.25! Let's see if next month I can stick to my $100 budget! 

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