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Skincare Sunday - Lush Easter Collection!

Happy Skincare Sunday everyone - it's no secret around here that I love Lush and I love their special holiday releases! Their Easter releases are always so darn cute! (Let's be real, last year I bought myself the biggest Easter wrapped gift because I wanted to have ALL the goodies!)

Skincare Sunday - Lush Easter Collection!

The Lush Easter collection has everything in it - face wash, soap, lip scrub, shower gel, bath bombs, and bubble bars (plus they always have cute wrapped gifts too).

Skincare Sunday - Lush Easter Collection! Chocolate Lip Scrub!

Lush Chocolate Lip Scrub ~ $9.95. The divine combination of orange and chocolate takes center stage here, making this lip scrub a decadent treat for the senses. Scrub your lips to smooth perfection with cocoa powder and castor sugar as organic jojoba oil preps your pout for the softest smooches.

Okay, this smells so good!! Chocolate might be the greatest scent to make Easter products with - I know Easter chocolate is my favorite chocolate! This has a hint to orange scent as well, so it will remind you of a chocolate orange! I love the Lush lip scrubs - I think they work really well (I currently have a bubblegum one on the go).

Skincare Sunday - Lush Easter Collection! Chocolate Lip Scrub!

The texture of the lip scrub is great - it will actually get rid of dry lips and flakes. This is made with castor sugar so you don't have to scrub or push too hard to see results! The best part? You just lick it off when you are done! Yum! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Easter Collection! Chick 'N Mix Bath Bomb!

Lush Chick 'N Mix Bath Bomb ~ $10.95. Open up this big ol' chick to reveal the adorable baby bunny inside, and voila, you've got three beautiful baths to look forward to! Or, drop them all into your tub at once for a big dose of sunny, citrusy bergamot oil and sweet, caramel-like tonka. However you choose to use this jumbo fizzer, you'll be happy you added it to your bathing mix!

These 3-in-1 bath bombs are great - although, I couldn't tell that was a baby bunny inside (I thought it was a little egg) but either way it's adorable! This bath bomb smells so good! It's a little hard to describe the scent - citrus, but with a little hint of spice and floral notes - the only way to describe it, is that it smells just like Spring!  

Skincare Sunday - Lush Easter Collection! Chick 'N Mix Bath Bomb

I love these big bath bombs - you can either use this bath bomb 3 different times, or you can just use it like I did and put all three in the bath together!!! 

I loved this big bath bomb - it was nice and fizzy, turned my bath a bright lime green, and the scent lasted a long time! It was really refreshing and I used it for an early morning bath and it brightened my day! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Easter Collection! Chocolate Easter Egg Soap

Lush Chocolate Easter Egg Soap ~ $5.95. Cuckoo for cocoa? We feel you. Get your chocolate fix in the shower or bath when you suds up with this uplifting lemon, grapefruit and vanilla bar that's made with cocoa butter for extra luscious lather. Good luck hiding this perfumed soap from your friends and family: its sweet, citrusy scent is all too easy to sniff out.

I did not think that anything could smell better than the Chocolate Lip Scrub, but enter the Chocolate Easter Egg Soap! This smells amazing - like a delicious chocolate bar! I love Lush soaps so I am going to use this right away! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Easter Collection! Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel

Lush Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel ~ $10.95 for 100ml. Lavish your body with this gorgeous thick shower gel and let luxurious jasmine and rose oils bloom on your skin to create a fresh bouquet of fragrance. The refreshing scent of neroli will lift your spirits while conditioning organic sunflower oil goes to work softening your skin so you're left feeling simply ear-resistible when you're done washing.

Mmmm... this shower gel smells super good! It is floral, but not overwhelming, making it really refreshing to use! Also, this fun scent is infused with fresh carrots so it's perfect for Spring! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Easter Collection! Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel!

If you haven't tried Lush's shower gels, then you are missing out! The texture is super creamy, so you feel like you are moisturizing your skin while you are in the shower! I know for me with dry skin, I love the added moisture this gives! Also, I have been known to add a touch of my shower gels to my baths for a little added scent and moisture in them! 

Skincare Sunday - Lush Easter Collection! Flopsy Face Wash

Lush Flopsy Face Wash Jelly ~ $9.95. What's up, doc? Cleanse with this happy hopper for clean, softened skin thanks to mineral-rich seaweed gel, moisturizing almond oil and glycerin. This wobbly wash is the perfect addition to your morning beauty routine, with zesty lemon and bergamot oils to leave you feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Hop to it!

I have used lush jellies before, but only in body wash form not in a face wash! But seriously, when you see this, you'll understand why I had to have it! 

Hello - it's a huge bunny head!!! Ahh!! I love it!!! Of course, I look like a terrifying, murderous rabbit, but we should know by now that I don't shy away from anything! But the actual bunny face is really cute, plus this cleanser is huge! 

This has a really unique texture for a face wash - I would even describe it as a little thicker that then usual Lush jelly (if you know what that feels like). The scent is bright and fresh - almondy and lemony all at the same time.

This is easy to use, just break a piece off, mix with water and rub in! This is actually really refreshing for a morning face wash - I tend to prefer cleansers that aren't super foaming personally as I find them too drying so this is great for me! This cleanser has gone right in my shower so I can use it as a cleanser, and I use it as a body wash too every once in a while! 

The rest of the Easter collection includes a couple bath bombs, a glitter egg bath melt, a cute bunch of carrots bubble bars, and a couple cute wrapped gifts! Make sure you head to the Lush website and check out the Easter section or head to your closest Lush so you can grab your goodies before Easter next weekend! 

*PR products featured - all opinions are my own

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