Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Dirty Laundry Threadbare Wine + Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Wash Off Pack)

I'm happy it is Wednesday again lovely readers, I always look forward to Wine, a Face Mask and then watching Survivor after! 

My theme for this week is "tropical fruits" - and since I have gone out of my comfort zone with red wines the last 2 weeks, I'm going back to white! 

Here is my Wine of the Week:

Dirty Laundry Threadbare Gewurztraminer - $19.99. If you haven't heard of Dirty Laundry - you need to! This winery is awesome!! It is located on the Bottleneck Drive Wine Trail in Summerland, B.C. If you ever go there it if worth a stop; the winery has a great theme and great stories behind all their wine and make it so fun!
This wine is described as:

"This arresting Alsatian temptress of a wine owes her exotic spiciness to the cool, high plateau block of vines that mature slowly, creating a naturally well balanced wine.

She is the driest of the gewurztraminer trio, with subtle notes of tropical fruit, rose petal, & melons. She finishes semi-dry with lingering flavours of apple & pear."

And here is look at the wine:
This wine is a bit drier than I normally prefer - it did have the hints of "tropical fruit" that I was hoping for. This wine is delicious - although I have to say if you have the chance to try the 2012 bottle (this is the 2013), it is literally the best bottle of wine!

And to pair with my Tropical Fruit Wine, here is the mask I paired it with:

Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Mango Pack (Wash Off) - $12.99 for full size (pictured above is an individual use size). I received this in Beauteque Mask Maven!
Mango extracts offers full of moisture to skin to create healthy skin. Moisture capsule bursts when it touches to skin and soothes skin. Hibiscus takes care of pores and sebum. Mineral of deep sea water offers vitality to skin under stress. 

Here is a look at the mask:

This mask almost has a pudding like texture; this mask also has a good smell. It goes on nice and smooth - here is a look:

The steps were easy to follow:
1. Wash face
2. Apply mask and leave on for 10-15 minutes
3. Rinse off
4. Complete nightly skincare routine

This rinsed off very easily and make my skin feel very smooth! I liked it - if I find this at a reasonable price, I would get it! 

What did you do for your Wine + Mask Wednesday?

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