Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wine + Mask Wednesday (Chinook Arch Mead + Missha Honey Sheet Mask)

Well you know it's been a long week when you go to work thinking it is Thursday - how could I forget Wine + Mask Wednesday hasn't happened yet?! 

Good thing I hadn't missed it, I always look forward to Wednesdays! My theme for this week is "Honey"! 

Here is my Wine of the Week (or should I say Mead of the Week):

Chinook Arch Meadery Melissa's Gold Mead - $20. What better to start my honey theme than with a honey wine? I love that Chinook Arch Meadery is local, it is located just outside of Okotoks, Alberta. They offer tastings of all their meads and have a whole honey based store. If you are around there, and like mead this is for you! My fiance loves mead (and tries to experiment by making his own in our basement), so I surprised him and took him out to Chinook Arch! 

They offer many flavors, and I would call Melissa's Gold a classic taste - it is described as:
"Made with our premium Alberta alfalfa and clover honey with a hint of wildflower nectar. Sweet and delicate, wonderful with spicy foods and young cheese."

Here is a look at the mead:

It is nice and light! I usually do not like the taste of mead, but I have to say this one is delicious! They are quite sweet and have a much different finish than wines (they often taste a fair bit stronger than wine in my opinion). If you are adventurous - they are worth a shot. The Melissa's Gold drinks like a white wine! 

Now, for my mask pairing:

Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask "Honey" -$1.99. Perfect, a honey mask for my honey wine! I received this mask in a Beauteque BB Bag! This mask is described as: Pure cotton sheet mask enriched with Honey ingredient, makes your fatigued skin firm, glowing and moisturized. 

Here is a look at the mask:

I loved that this mask has eye flaps - if you lay down you can cover your face completely! The mask had a little extra essence in the pouch and applied it to my face prior to applying the mask! The mask fit a little big, but it had a lot of tabs that made it fit decent and felt very secure on! It had a slight honey scent to it which I liked!
This mask, like most sheet masks, are very easy to use: wash and tone face, apply mask, leave on for 15-20 minutes and remove, pat excess essence in to face, and complete nightly skin routine.

At the end of the 20 minutes, most of the essence had absorbed in to my skin and my skin felt brighter! I really liked this! 

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